HOW I MET BAYO: Episode 2 (fictional story)

So, like play, like joke, me, just a thirteen year old has fallen in love? Well i couldn’t help but distract myself from the thoughts that perhaps i was just infatuating like my former biology teacher talked about one day at school.


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No! This can not be just an infatuation! I told my self a million times that very Sunday. Atleast this feeling is not like what i felt for Jude back in primary 3. Hahaha…..that was just a childish feeling then. Hey! I know what you might be thinking, but please dont judge me yet.

My mum and i had to report to her new office on Monday, which to my surprise was better than the one in Lagos. So my mum was assigned to teacher further maths from SS1 to SS3. We had to lodge in a hotel for a week in order for our new house to be put in order. So while i was getting my dress on, my mum decided to give me one of her usual pep talks on being social. “Dinma”, like she fondly calls me, “i know you’re not pleased with our transfer here, but i want you to see the positivity in this. Try to make new friends today at school, OK?” Yes mum i will. I replied without even looking at her. She took her keys and briefcase to leave, while i followed.

So we drove into the army day command secondary finally, and it wasn’t too much of a difference like the one in lagos. The building had thesame army color paintings, but only that it was freshly repainted, and the field was wider, they were trees situated in nice locations, the school had nice canteens, and the students were properly dressed. I already started liking the environment. I had to follow my mum to an office, i think to the principal’s office. When we got there, other teachers were already there having a meeting. They quick turned to say hi to us while the principal stood up to half side hug my mum, he beckoned on us to sit by i hesitated, which drew attention to me. My mum introduced me as her daughter and i courtesy in respect to greet them, after which i whispered to my mum that i will love to just walk outside the school compound.
Ten minutes later, they were done with the meeting as they all came out of the office. A loud bell was wrong by a boy who wasn’t even smiling, i guess that should be the SP of the school which i will find out soon. When i got to the assembly ground, i stood at a spot waiting to be directed to the JS3 line. Soon, so many students crowded the ground and were all forming lines. Confused at the moment on which line was JS3, i decided to let go of my shyness and ask. I saw a chubby girl wearing glasses walking up to my direction. i quick hastened my footsteps to meet her not knowing she was also heading to meet me. “Hi” we both spoke at thesame time, she smiled and said, “i am Zara, in JS3 like you, i was sent to get you to the right line by you mum, my mum is also a teacher here” thanks, my name is Chidinma, but Dinma for short, i replied back with a smile, its like i’ve just found a new friend. . We went to Stand on the line, not before long, the principal came to address us.

I was seated close to Zara my new friend, yet i was still tenced, that was when i remembered i left my mathematical set in my mum’s bag, i beckoned on Zara to please follow me. We went to the staff room, but my mum was already in the SS3 class. I entered into the class after taking permission. Entering into the class, i headed straight to my mum’s bag, collected my maths set, i was about leaving when i saw Bayo looking directly at me. My blood rushed straight to my head as i never thought of seeing him in that school. He smiled, stood up and started walking towards me, my legs were already too nervous to move so in order not to embarrass myself, i decided to stand there. I was looking down at my maths set when he passed me, his expensive perfume filling my nostrils, and he said “hi shy girl” and went straight to submit a paper he was holding on my mum’s table, and went back to his seat. My mum noticed how lost i was that her voice jolted me up again. I then moved shyly but quickly out of the class to meet my friend who’s been waiting for me all these while.
Like, did he just call me a shy girl? And why should a rich kid like him be in command day? Is he not supposed to be in a big boarding school, or even in abroad?? These questions kept ringing in my mind. But i was deeply happy that he “my first love” was here with me. So i can have the opportunity of seeing him from Mondays to Fridays………..

Dinma! Zara snapped, I’ve been calling your name. (To be continued in the next episode)

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