How I met Bayo. Episode 3

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So i quicly turned around to face Zara, i smiled when i saw that she was looking at me in amazement. She was about saying something when a teacher walked into our classroom, her name was Mrs Chika, our form teacher.
We all stood up to greet, but i noticed something about our new form teacher, she wasn’t smiling. “Is she the school disciplinarian?” I half whispered to Zara, And she gave me a yes nod which explained that i had better kept my mouth shut before i get caught talking.

Mrs Chika was fat but she moved with was so much ease. She addressed us all to study hard for our junior waec that will soon hit us and also gave us an assignment to write about how we intend to make the school proud with our J. Waec results, and to submit it the next week Monday. As she walked out of the class, a younger teacher walked in, a guy this time.

“Well, my name is Mr Armstrong, but you can call me Mr strong” he said with a smile. He had this look of an unserious person but he looked really good, perhaps too young to be a teacher. “Well, i will be your new Mathematics teacher, and if you must pass your maths exams, then you must love me and the subject” He added. He went around talking God knows what with different students while he laughed in each conversation. My mind was about drifting back to Bayo, when Mr Armstrong approached my locker.
When he got to me, he didn’t smile as he just asked me outrightly to come and introduce myself in front of the class. Not like i was the only new kid in class, but i felt like diving into the ground if only it was possible seeing that i was a shy teenager. “Eeem sir, can i say it here?” I said to him almost in a whisper, Which by now the whole class had their attention very much fixed on me. I looked at Zara who was giving me the Hey we won’t bite you look. I half dragged myself to the front of the class but wasn’t looking up. Hey new girl, can’t you talk? I heard another student scream out which made the rest laugh. Now that got me angry, and since anger gave me some certain kind of courage, i looked up, shot an angry gaze towards the direction i heard the voice from and i said “come teach me how to talk!” It made the class burst out in another thunderous laugh which made me close to tears. Mr strong sensing my plight had to intervene. He shut the whole class up and asked me to feel free, but nothing could make me feel free right now when i just got humiliated. So i just said my name and left to my locker before Mr Armstrong will ask me to tell them my family history which i would not even think of as i was already close to tears.

An hour later, When Mr strong left the class, it was almost break time which i needed badly so i could leave the class. And when the bell finally rung, i asked Zara to follow me to the canteen for a quick snack.
By the time we got there, so many students were already around the school compound engaged in various activities. We stepped into the canteen, i got our snacks which was meat pies and got soft drinks since my mum never let me eat cooked meals outside, especially in canteens. We sat at a table and began eating when i sighted a tall figure step in with that nice perfume smell, and yes it was Bayo, my crush or I’d rather say my first love.

My stomach quickly tightened, my heart racing, and that was it i lost my appetite. Zara looked at me, then at the sales point, and asked ” who is that guy? Just someone, i replied without looking at her and i tried chunking more of my pie. I tried desperately to ignore his presence and that was when i heard his voice.

“Who do we have here?” I looked up and it was Bayo coming to sit at our table. Zara stood up to greet since he was a senior, i wanted to stand but all i could see myself do was whisper “good morning senior Bayo” He looked my way while eating his mini pizza and coke, then asked, “what is wrong princess? You don’t like our school?” Yes i don’t! I almost screamed out at him, but instead i found myself thinking about him calling me “princess” i was flattered, i was in love the more. Who knows, maybe he loves me too………

“Princess, my birthday is this coming Sunday, it’s just a small party my mum is organizing for me, so you and your girlfriend here should come.” what? Like did Bayo just invited me out? OK, well to his birthday party? Then this is it, he must be feeling thesame way I’m feeling,,,,,In love………

To be continued….. Do follow for more episodes to come. Like, share and comment.

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