HOW I MET BAYO: Fictional story


So, this is a story about my love life with Bayo at age thirteen. Oh yeah you saw right… thirteen! (Smilessssss)

Just sit tight,

Why is that four Letter word so little, but large enough to lead to things like CRIME, ANGER, JEALOUSY, HATRED, HEARTBREAK, and all worst of them, DEATH!? Well, if you’re here right now, then I know what you’re waiting for. I am Zaron, and I’m here to tell you about my love story.

It all began when I turned thirteen, I mean when I first heard my heart beat so fast at the sight of BAYO, my senior in SS3. And yes! I know what you’re probably thinking. Like how can a thirteen year old fall in love? Perhaps you should just keep following me to find out.

So, I and my mother who was a teacher just got transfered into Enugu from Lagos state where she was a teacher at the Army day command secondary school Ikeja, her and my dad were separated when i was seven, so apparently she was a single mom. I never knew, but I was sure my father never dragged to have me stay with him which left my mum satisfied at being the one to cater for me full time. OK, now where was I again on the Bayo’s story?…….. So we had to move to Enugu against my will because I was dragged away from my home, my friends, and my fun life. Although mum kept reassuring me that I will love Enugu, well I just kept being mad at her for always making me a part of her changes. So when we arrived Enugu on a Sunday, I was just full of anger that I could feel myself choking on my tears. We got to the second barracks where my mum was to meet with some officials at the 82 division as per her work and our new place to live.

Enugu for me was a bit too slow. I mean you hardly meet the traffic jam, and even when you do, it just vanishes in a short while unlike Ikeja where you literally just sleep in the traffic. I guess I’m just use to the busy life of Lagos that it seems like people are crawling here in Enugu(walking at their own pace). So while mum was still talking with the officials, I sat down in the car thinking about my friends Tolu, Amara and the twins, Lauren and Lauretta. I guess by now they were all out at our favorite spot in the compound where we play together which was easier for our parents to let us play, study and sometimes eat together since we live in the same flat. I was still enjoying my thoughts so much when i got interrupted by a knock on the window side of the car where I was seated. I looked up only to see a tall cute looking guy smiling sheepishly at me
Wait! Does he know me from somewhere? Has he ever seen me before in Lagos, since that’s the only city i’ve known all my life until today? Well I felt my heart beating very fast as I nervously wined down the glass. That was when I saw him more clearly, tall with the nice chocolate skin colour, clean set of white teeth, and he was wearing a nicely fitted blue suit. I could smell his perfume fill the car even though he was standing outside. He smiled again, making me wonder if he heard my thoughts. “Hi, my name is Bayo and I just need you to get the driver of your car to come take the car out of the drive way cos it’s obstructing us from moving out ours” like did he just say “your car” wow I have never felt so much pride. “Are you listening?” His voice came again tilting me up. Then I quickly took out my phone to call my mum without even saying a word to him. He left and I wished he’d asked for my name at least.

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Few minutes later, I saw my mum step out with a beautiful fair, and rich looking woman and the Bayo of a guy, i suppose that must be his mum, which means he took his skin colour from his dad. They smiled and shook hands before my mum came out to drive the car out. Not even noticing that she was talking to me because I was still staring at the latest LEXUS IS 2020 that was leaving the drive way with Bayo and his supposed mum in it. Woooooow they must be swimming in money then, I was still staring when our eyes met again and he smiled, making my heart race a thousand times more than it did before. That was when I knew that I HAD FALLEN IN LOVE for the first time ever!

But one thing I never knew was that, it was just the beginning of my ending……….

To be continued on the next episode (do like, comment, and share to read more on the next episode).


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