How Liquorose and Emmanuel Became The Last Survivalist In The BBNaija House

BBNiaja housemate Liquorose and Emmanuel

The BBNaija season 6 Shine Ya eye season was packed with a lot of shocking twists, pranks and unexpected turns. One of which was Emmanuel and Liquorose’s secured position as top 5 finalists. The duo popularly referred to as ‘Emmarose’, were saved from last week’s eviction after Emmanuel won ultimate veto power. He made Liquorose head of house with Cross as the deputy.

Liquorose established herself as a top contender from the beginning of this season’s show.  Emmanuel on the other hand, appeared to have struggled for weeks before he found his footing. Some fans connect his growth on the show to his relationship with Liquorose.

Emmanuel and Liquorose first set their eyes on each other at the beginning of the show. Their connection garnered mixed reactions from fans watching. Many were of the impression that the ship would soon sink. Although they weren’t a terrible match, fans seemed to be worried about Liquorose growing more attached than he would.

Other housemates also spent their time analyzing the various ships that developed throughout the course of the show. When it came to Liquor and Emmanuel’s relationship, some came to the conclusion that Emmanuel was an unrepentant flirt and Liquorose would end up hurt eventually.

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We have seen different relationships form on the show with each person scared to define the relationship or properly state their intentions. Emmarose was no different. They mentioned enjoying each other’s company as their only reason for being together and nothing serious. But when Liquorose was mandated by Big Brother to avoid Emmanuel, we got to see how much he truly cared about her.

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Glad to see they survived multiple nominations, fights and even the strange secret challenge from Big Brother himself. All of which could easily have put a strain on their relationship but ended up bringing them closer

Last Sunday’s eviction ended with mixed feelings as another situationship between Saga and Nini, was sent packing. Some people were overjoyed when the love struck Saga, who practically gave up all interests to pursue the grand prize after he set his sights on Nini, was finally sent packing. On his way out, Saga made trending news for being the happiest housemate to be evicted from the house as he followed his love interest Nini out back to the real world

Queen was also evicted from the house, leaving Whitemoney, Liquorose, Emmanuel and Cross as finalists. While Angel and Pere were set aside to battle for a spot in the top 5. Fans didn’t take it lightly with Big Brother’s decision, seeing as the margin between his votes and Angel’s were far apart. At the end of the day after fans went on social media to express their displeasure at the turn of events, Angel and Pere were allowed back into the house to be part of the top 6 finalists.

Some relationships formed on the show in past seasons have blossomed into strong unions with kids in between. Like Teddy A and Bambam, Khaffy and Gedoni, to mention a few. Although neither of these pairs made it to the finale. Another popular couple that made it to the grand finale was Vee and Neo of Lockdown Season. They secured their spot by tricking the other housemates and playing the game. Emmarose, however, we can say earned their spot fair and square.

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We don’t know what awaits the couple on the other side of ₦90 million naira, should either one of them win the show, we can only hope the ship continues to sail outside Big Brother’s walls

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