How Pastor Tunde Bakare become Christian

How Pastor Tunde Bakare become Christian revealed

Pastor Tunde Bakare, the Founder of the Latter Rain Assembly, has surprised many as he is seen reciting some Quranic verses during an interview with BBC Yoruba

In the interview published on Tuesday, August 3, the respected pastor explained that he is from a strong Muslim family.

Pastor Tunde Bakare has said he can recite Quran from the first chapter to the last, having learned it from a tender age.

Pastor Tunde Bakare said his grandfather is the first Imam of Sodeke in Abeokuta.

Pastor Bakare said it was his photography job that took him to a church where he was eventually inspired to become a Christian.

How Pastor Tunde Bakare become Christian?

At the age of 20, Pastor Bakare said a friend of his named Ganiu, also Muslim turned Christian, had wanted to do baptism at a church and invited him to cover the event as a photographer.

He said it was at the event that the revelation God had shown him at the age of 10 in 1964 started replaying in his eyes at the church.

Pastor Bakare explained that he was inspired by the preacher’s message, noting that he did not become a Christian because of illness or any other thing.

He added that he did not immediately make it public to his family that he had become a Christian and was only secretly attending the church to learn more about the religion.

I declared Christian faith to my family in 1974 Pastor Bakare said on October 14, 1974, he decided to tell his family that he was now born again and would no longer practise Islam.

According to him, he was subsequently chased out of the house. His church, however, came to the rescue by providing him accommodation.

Pastor Bakare said many of his family members, including his late mother who had gone to Mekkah to perform Hajj, eventually converted to Christianity.

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