How to drag Click? (Increase CPS Up to 30+ by Drag Clicking)

How to Drag Click (Increase CPS Up to 30+ by Drag Clicking)

What is Drag Clicking?

In this short guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about drag clicking, including how it works, how it’s done, possible downsides, and whether it’s actually worth doing. Only then can you decide if it’s something you would want to start doing in your gaming sessions.

Drag clicking is a clicking method where you drag your finger across the left or right mouse button in a forceful manner, causing your mouse to register more clicks.

What is drag clicking, you ask? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like forcefully dragging your finger across a mouse button (left or right) to “trick” it into recording more clicks. Other people might call it different things like Fazer tapping or tap clicking, but it works the same way.

How does tap clicking increase your CPS, you ask? Well, when you drag click, you take advantage of the friction between the mouse button and your skin as you swiftly move your finger across the surface. This friction generates vibrations that are picked up by the mouse switch, thereby registering more clicks than what is normally possible.

How to drag click?

From the description above, you might think that tap clicking is a relatively simple process. However, there’s more to it than just dragging/sliding your finger across a mouse button. It takes practice, but more importantly, some mouse devices perform and tolerate drag clicking better than others.

If you’re serious about tap clicking, then you might want to check out our guide on the Best Mouse for Drag Clicking. You will find that these mice differ in terms of design and price point, but there are two qualities that you would want to look out for a matt grippy surface (to facilitate drag clicks) and high-quality mouse switches (Omron, Kailh, or Opticals) to better withstand the stress of drag clicking. You can’t just use any mouse, it has to be one that has been tested before.

How to Drag Click (Increase CPS Up to 30+ by Drag Clicking)
Mouse Technique

Now you know what drag clicking is, why not check whether you can get higher CPS than what you have been scoring with our CPS counter.

Use Drag Clicking Tape to score extra Clicks per second.

How Does Drag Clicking Works?

Drag clicking works because there is friction between your finger and the mouse button.

Drag clicking is a somewhat controversial topic for many people, especially those who play Minecraft competitively. Some would argue that drag clicking in Minecraft doesn’t make much difference. After all, there are other factors in PVP weapon, positioning, etc. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you think that learning how to drag click will grant you a competitive advantage.

Well, consider that the average gamer has a CPS of 6.51. If you’re really good at this, your CPS might be closer to 14.1 (The World Record, according to Google). However, with drag clicking, it’s possible to bump this number even higher (32+CPS).

A Youtuber with the channel name called “Intel Edits” published a video demonstrating the effects of a higher CPS in Minecraft PVP. He pitted bots against each other with different CPS configurations.

This game is mainly designed for fun and amusement purposes. Drag clicking falls under the spam category of online games like Minecraft PVP. You can even get banned from the Hypixel server if you abuse such techniques in your player versus player combat because of unhuman CPS.

However, you can play this game here to amaze your friends with some unexpected clicks registered within a hint of seconds. Moreover, users can flaunt their scores and ranks in this game on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Additionally, you can record your videos drag clicking and post them on TikTok or YouTube to outburst social media trends.

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