The skin is about the largest organ in human body system and, pparently, the first to be looked at, when one appears. The act of tending this precious organ is called skin care. People , mostly women, spend good fortune on skin care.

The fact is, the human eyes have always desired to behold pleasant sights, especially, body features. This is, entirely, no fault of the eyes; for the desire to behold pleasant sights, infact, stems from an inherent human desire for perfection.

Closely related to the desire for perfection, is yet another trait; a perpetual craving for approval by others. This one is easily wounded and varies across individuals.

Well, that was by the way. The aim of this article is to tell you how to care for your skin. So let’s go!

Now, it doesn’t take a trophy to take good care of your skin. Below are few natural and easy ways you can achieve a very healthy skin.

Use of Water:

Take a glass of warm water every morning and stay hydrated by frequent intake of water during the day. You may want to add lime to your early morning glass of water. It is simple, but you need some discipline to be consistent.

How does taking warm water affect the looks of your skin? The fact is, water is reqiured in all metabolic activities in the body. When you sleep at night, many of such activities use a lot of the water in the body. Therefore, taking water in the morning can be likened to a woman who took leafy vegetables to the market. After awhile, the vegetables become flaccid and wrinkled. She then sprinkles water on it and it becomes all fresh again.

Again, this woman will need to keep sprinkling water on the vegetables in oreder to keep them fresh. This is why you also need to stay hydrated for your skin.

Uses of Ashes and Palm Wine:

Another procedure is the use of ashes and palm wine. These may be used as a mixture or separately. The mixtures (or individual substances) are aplied directly on the skin.

You have to know that palm wine has an alcoholic smell, so you may want to apply it or the mixture only at night.

These are are natural substances that wil not alter your skin shade. Give it a try and remain happy ever after.

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