I know most of you have been wondering how you can make your own coconut oil.

Today i am going to take you through that journey that will solve your long time wish! Coconut Oil is a natural oil on his own that is helpful when it comes to skin conditions.

DO YOU KNOW? With coconut oil, you don’t need any form of cream to make your baby skin smooth, your own home made coconut oil will do everything just for you!

HOW DO YOU KNOW? I know that is what most of you will be asking inside your mind right now but the truth is

I HAVE USED IT for my baby and i so much love the out come because my baby’s Skin was super smooth and fresh and fair unlike the other baby lotions i was using.

AS AN ADULT IT WILL, make your skin naturally smooth,it will help you fight that annoying stretch marks to gain yourself confidence.

COCONUT OIL, have lost of of goodness in it ,and nothing beats it’s natural scents. ..


1- Get your coconut, it might be from the tree directly or from the market. When you get from the market most times the back has been pilled of from the nut but when you get directly from three you will be the one taking away the skin from the its better you get the one without the skin.

2-Break the coconut with a strong knife or you can also break it on the ground if you don’t want to drink the water.but i will advise you break with knives to be able to get the water because it’s filled with HEALTH BENEFITS.

3-Seperate the Edible parts from the shelf with the use of a knife.


5- Grind with grater, or you take it to the grinding machine or if you have blender you can use it also. Grind it to be very smooth.

6- Seive away the chaff from the coconut-Milk liquid

7- Pour the liquid inside a pot and place on the fire.

8-Till the water is finally dried leaving only Oil.

9-your oil is ready when you will be perceiving its Aroma.

10-Take it down, let it cool off and transfer into your desired jar.

This is how to make your healthy coconut oil.

Bye for now.

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