Black soups are mostly for the people of Edo State (Igbanke) to be precise!

Although this black soup is been prepared with different vegetable or leafs like bitter leaf and so on.But today we are using scent leaves and now let’s get started!

First get your scent

Orioma or Udah (pepper soup spice?
Maggi (Seasoning)

Proteins( Fish, chiken,beef, Goatmeat, snails, cray fish and stock fish and any other proteins of your choice).

First thing to do is to get your banga , wash it very well and cook it for at least 20 minutes or more when you notice its tender, soft and chewable.

Then get tap running water set aside,

Bring out your clean pot for soup

Squeeze out the banga liquid with your hands or you pound with mortar then add some water to make sure all the banga paste is totally out.

But if for any reason, your banga gets cold before you are able to pound or squeeze out it’s liquid!

Quickly put water on the fire to make it warm and use it to squeeze your banga instead of your normal tap running water!

After making sure your banga liquid is totally out from its chaff ,place the liquid on the fire then put all your protein inside.

Then,add your scent leave, Onion,pepper, and Orioma at the desired quantity and blend into paste, make it to be totally smooth.

Note – if you are using UDAH, you don’t have to blend, just brake it inside the liquid on the fire before adding your blended paste.

Now add the blended paste inside the boiling,banga liquid on the fire and cook for about 20 minutes, you add your seasoning,

After another five minutes adding your seasoning, add your salt then after 5 minutes of adding your salt, take your soup down,it’s ready to go with any choice of swallow.

Note- be careful when adding your salt/ seasoning! Make sure to add the appropriate amount that is ok with your soup to avoid Over seasoning.

Health Benefits

It helps fight bacteria and diseases.

It helps delivery moms wash away bad blood from their body.

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