You don’t want to keep eating your corn/maize in the same way, which is roasting and cooking or you have left home for greener pasture in the city and you are craving for MUMMY’S CORN PUDDING or better Still you have been wondering, apart from roasted corn or cooked corn what Other delicacy you can create out of your Corn/Maize?  CORN PUDDING is what you should be trying next!.

And I will take you through, how you can prepare your corn pudding and I will make it simple but delicious.







6-CrayFish/Fish/Goat Meat e.t.c

7-Palm Oil


9-Mortar/grinding machine /Blender/Grinding Stone



12-Moi-Moi leaves/packaging plate/Nylon /Tin

13-Spoon/Turning Stick

14-Cooking Gas/earthen Stove/Stove.

Those are just what you need and you have them just in your home. Without wasting much of your time, Let’s get started!

Get your fresh corn that the back is green, please don’t buy dried corn, or else you won’t enjoy your CORN PUDDING.

1-Peal off the back and clean it thoroughly.

2-peel off the edible corn with a knife

3-Wash inside a bowl that has a lid

4-Wash in your, pepper, Onion, and Crayfish .ready for grinding

5-Grind with Mortar, grinding stone, blender… After grinding put a pot on the Fire, and add a little quantity of water to avoid Water boiling inside your wraps, as you are Waiting for the Water to boil start mixing your corn pudding.

6-Add salt, Maggie, diced Onion, Crayfish, fish, Goat Meat, or any protein of your choice.

Make sure, you check carefully the quantity of your corn when adding your sauce and Oil to taste, so it would taste nice. You don’t have to be scared it’s just the same way you make your Moi-Moi.

7-Now start turning your grounded corn with a spoon or turning stick to allow all your sauce and oil to mix properly for a smooth taste. When your corn past becomes one color then you will know it’s properly mixed.

Tips -Keep adding your sauce like Maggi and salt bit by bit, and keep testing as you keep mixing to avoid over-salting or over saucing.

8-Start wrapping your corn paste, or start pouring your paste inside a plastic or nylon until everything is finished then you start putting it inside your boiling water and cook for about 30-45minuets or when you feel it’s finally cooked.

Then you take it down.

Your corn pudding is finally ready for eating.

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