How To Remove Card From Doordash

Are you trying so hard to know how to remove card from Doordash? Do not stress anymore because this written tutorial will give you step by step guide on how you can successfully remove your card and add a new card if you wish.

Doordash app is great, but some features may not be seen easily. You may have gotten a new credit card and you want to remove the old or expired credit card from your Doordash app, adding and deleting a credit card on Doordash with your mobile phones such as android and iPhones is not difficult, but the option is hidden.

How To Remove Card From Doordash

How To Remove Card From Doordash

Removing a Doordash credit card from the mobile app is not straightforward as anyone can think. If you only have one payment linked to your account, You will not be able to remove the current one. This is because you can’t remove your default card.

Follow the instructions below to remove your Doordash credit card from the app.

  • Go to your account
  • Click on the payment card
  • Here you will see a list of credit or debit cards you have linked to your Doordash app
  • Swipe left on the particular card you want to remove
  • You will see the delete option
  • Click on delete to remove the card from Doordash app

How To Add A Credit Card To Doordash App

If you want to add or link your credit card to DoorDash app follow the instruction below:

  • Go to your DoorDash app
  • Click on the ‘Located’ icon  at the top left corner
  • Click on Payment Methods for android, if you are using iPhone, tap on payment for iOS
  • Below “Payment Method” tap on the arrow next to Credit/Debit Card
  • Enter your card details and billing Zip Code
  • Finally, click on Add  Card.

When you follow the instruction sequentially, your card will be added to DoorDash app.

How To Remove Card From Doordash

Why Is Doordash Not Letting Me Use my Card?

This could be when Doordash is unable to verify your payment information.

When your order is declined because of unverified payment, go back to your account and check if your credit card information is correct, even though you find it correct, delete the credit card information in your account and re-enter your card details again, the error will be fixed.


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