How to say NO to Her without hurting Her


So I used to be…or still an introvert right from secondary school days; I’ve seen a lot of diva and beautiful girls who had a great impression on me, but had never been able to approach any to declare my intention, maybe because am an introvert or I haven’t met the one whom my love for her is strong enough to make me break off from my shell.. i cant tell…for the mean time, all I’ve always been was a distant admirer and a discrete crusher.

In my secondary school days not much girls took notice or slightest intrest of me except my then best friend who is a girl….and some of younger sister’s girlfriends who frequent our home….which is the reason why am mostly in the position of a crusher and crush to very few.

But in my university days, some very good factors (that I wouldnt want to mention, to avoid publicity) has put in a high intense spotlight and coupled with the fact that my looks has improved immensely due to proper grooming and packaging….I am now crush to a lot.

Nonetheless I’ve not been in any relationship yet, but am kind hemed in by girls who keep making advances…you know what I mean…there is this particular one that keeps on trying hard… doing some favours..i did not ask…calling and texting every morning.. true…true she’s a very good girl…but not my spec for a relationship.. u understand.
Time will not permit to tell she has done to make me give her a chance…and I keep pretending not to notice the green lights… but that pretence will only be for a moment b4 she either concludes that am gay or very insensitive.

I’ve made her one of my best friends, but she wants more than that and she is making it very obvious….and it pains to to see her exerting a lot of efforts that I know will no not have any effect.. I need to make her stop wasting her energy…but i’m in lack of how to do this politely without hurting her….

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4 months ago

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