I said it before Buhari is a monster – Says Fani Kayode (Details)

I said it before Buhari is a monster

The Former Minister of aviation Femi Fani Kayode has criticized the live broadcast speech of president Muhammed Buhari.

Fani Kayode on his Facebook page, his statement reads below

“What a speech! As insensitive and bellicose as ever! Why am I not surprised? Now you know the type of monster you have as President.”

“He sounded more like a Yakuza or Mafia boss talking down to his bookies than a democratically-elected President.”

“Like Don Corleone in Mario Puzo’s famous book and Hollywood blockbuster movie “The Godfather”, he pointed a loaded gun at our heads and “made us an offer that we couldn’t refuse”. In a nutshell all he was saying was “come out and die!”

“You say responding to your people’s yearnings and banning #Endsars was seen as a sign of weakness???

“You talk about your empowerment programmes but what is the relevance of that when your soldiers are killing the youth. Will you empower them in the grave?

“Your speech offered no empathy, no hope, no inspiration, no confidence and no decency.”

Instead you tried to intimidate your people.

You did not even mention the children that were killed in Lekki or indeed any of the other people that were murdered over the last few days. Did those gallant souls die in vain?

This is the worse speech that any President has given at a time of crisis in our entire history.

Worse of all was thet you ended the whole thing with a threat.

I strongly suggest that you read
Exodus 9:12 in the Holy Bible. Like Pharaoh, God has hardened your heart unto destruction.

God is telling you to” let my people go” but you are not listening. We are about to enter a Red Sea experience and it will end in demystification, humiliation and destruction.

Like Pharaoh you will be brought to your knees. Like Nebuchadnezzar you will be shamed and humbled because you have dared to defy the voice of the Living God and the yearnings of His people.

Today you came out as a tyrant and came across a tin pot dictator. You showed your true colors and you bore your fangs.

Yet hear this: even if you shed all the blood in the world it will not stop anything or anyone. It will not stop God’s move.

An idea whose time has come cannot be resisted. The fight for freedom and the yearnings for liberty continues.

And that fight will end in victory for the people!

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