IGP Issued Arrest Warrant to Kenneth Gbagi Who Strip 3 Ladies and a Guy Naked ~ Matters Arising

IGP Issued Arrest Warrant to Kenneth Gbagi Who Strip 3 Ladies and a Guy Naked

IGP Issued Arrest Warrant to Kenneth Gbagi Who Strip 3 Ladies and a Guy Naked

The Inspector General of Police has reportedly issued a warrant of arrest to Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, a Governorship hopeful in Delta State come 2023, in relation to the viral photos of naked ladies and a guy, whom Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi stripped naked in his hotel in Warri.

Matters Arising learned that, the Inspector General of Police as a matter of urgency, has dispatched a team of detectives from the Police Force Headquarters in Abuja to storm Delta State for the immediate arrest of Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, due to the drastic and devilish actions he took by subjecting his female staff members and a guy to open shame, asking them to go naked by removing their clothes, remaining ONLY pants.

The most annoying part of this wickedness is that, one of the ladies stripped naked is a legally married woman. 

How can a normal human being, a governorship aspirant for that matter, a former Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ask a married woman to go naked, with her breasts, tommy, pants and other vital parts open for the world to see on social media?? This is the height of wickedness and warrant sanction by the Nigerian police.

What is #5,000 stolen according to Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi that warrant the shame and humiliation of stripping women naked in public? To add salt to injury, after stripping the ladies naked, he called his 15yrs old son to bring his mobile phone to video and snap the naked women. Jesus Christ of Nazareth! This is wickedness of the highest order. 

Even Lucifer the Devil can NOT do this to any lady. The prostitutes on the street, who are agents of the devil even have self respect and dignity let alone a legally married woman.

Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi deserve to be sentenced to jail to serve as example to other so-called influential Nigerians who think they can use their influence and ill-gotten wealth to intimidate the poor masses.

Thank you Inspector General of Police for rising up to the occasion and taking the bull by the horn. The naked photos and video of the women are everywhere on the internet.

Let know your opinion about this act of Ex- Minister Kenneth Gbagi

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2 years ago

I really pity Nigerians, the level of poverty had made those who had gotten money even through crook and foul means to treat others as nobodies and that they can do anything and get away with it. Let see the political party that will nominate him for governorship in 2023

james balogun
james balogun
2 years ago

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Odoh Anthony
Odoh Anthony
2 years ago

Where is this country going to? Everyday by day strange things keep coming out from different source but I believe this act of Kenneth Gbagi is not am ordinary act. If he’s in his right senses he can’t stripped his staffs nake because of 5000. God help us in this Country, Nigeria.

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