Insecurity: Raping, Rubbery, one chance attack on girls increases in Enugu state

Insecurity: Raping, Rubbery, one chance attack on girls increases in Enugu state

Enugu state is no longer safe for ladies due to the level of insecurity mostly targeted towards female gender, report of one chance, raping of girls is increasingly in Enugu state on daily basis.

Matters Arising gathered that, in couple of weeks not viewer than 10 girls has been either rape, rubbed or sexually molested in Enugu metropolis by Tricyclist (better known as Keke driver and their gang).

Multiple victims speaks with Matters Arising under the condition of anonymity, narrates the same story on different organizations, the victims expressed their ordeal in the hand of a guy suspected to serial rapist and rubbers who is perpetrating his evil acts with collaboration of Keke ridder

A victim narrates her ordeal in a mail sent to Matters Arising, she wrote

“I stood at Port Harcourt express way waiting for keke one stopped carrying one passenger who said he was to alight at centenary city while I continue with the keke to my destination, hesitated for a while but then, it wasn’t the first time I boarded a keke with such circumstance so I agreed.”

“On transit, the passenger asked for my name, what I do, where I’m from e.t.c. I never really answered all the questions as I was just hoping we get to his destination quicker. Approaching Heliu Estate it started pouring down heavily that I became more concerned about the rain wetting my dress than who I was with in the keke.”

“Few blocks into centenary city I told the keke man that I don’t like this journey anymore as I didn’t know where he was taking me to but then the man said I shouldn’t worry that we were close to his site already as he is a contractor from Onitsha and had a project in the estate and that my destination isn’t far even.”

“Less than a minute we were at the supposed destination in front of a barley completed duplex, he asked the keke man to come down that he wanted to have a word with me, just when I was about to say that we had nothing to talk about the first blow landed on my face, still confused on what’s happening I asked what did I do then he said “My men are looking for you, what’s your name? (I answered) my men dey around you see that sienna wey just pass, na my men dey inside if you run them go shoot you.”

“I dey find Nneka Jennifer and you say your name no be Nneka Jennifer (I said no my name is …., he punched me again for talking when he hasn’t instructed me to, just then, his phone rang) oboy make no body touch am na me get this one stand down no be she” it felt as though they had a conflict within them as he then promised me that he will make sure no one hurts me but I need to corporate with whatever he wants me to do, I agreed  haven bought the story he presented. He saw an engagement ring on my finger and asked if I was married on trying to explain he throw 2 punches at my face blaming me for not making the ring visible enough.

He asked me to place my hands on my knee while me asked for my ATM pin details and told me that one of the boys will get a POS and if I had given a wrong pin, he will blow off my head, still in shock, I made sure I was honest enough he gave me another punch for having 2 ATM Cards from the same Bank. He gave me back my wallet, tablet and hand bag, telling that he doesn’t need anything from me, and he was only looking for Nneka Jennifer because she stole his wallet from a hotel.

He later took the SIM card in my tablet and asked me to turn it off. About 2 minutes later he asked me to come down from the keke and asked the keke man to re-position his keke and all this while the keke man just stood by the entrance watching for him.

Just when I thought it was all over he took me to a part that was a bit covered and asked me to drop my belongings on the floor, on raising my head he punched me again saying I wasn’t fast enough.

He then asked me to remove my cloth but it felt as though I didn’t understand what he said few more punches landed my face and made the understanding seamless. I told him I couldn’t as it was my sister who assisted me wear it, he asked me to pull it up and I did half way he saw I had a tight on and he asked me to remove everything I had down, at this point all I had in mind was the ritual they do with girls’ underwear.

Trying to remove the tight my shoe wasn’t letting and I knew it was time to run regardless, I used the opportunity to try removing my shoe but he asked me not to remove my shoe only the tight, I told him it can’t pass through without the shoe going off first, he slapped me. I struggled with the shoe and tight and pulled both out almost at the same time.

With my underwear off my waist I was then expecting him to pick it up and go with it but he didn’t, just then he asked me to bend over and hold the wall, and it didn’t still make sense to me what was going on, till he told me to still corporate or else he will call his men to take rounds on me while recording it and I said okay. That was the first time I got grip of my sanity and my soul was ready for whatever would come out after so long as I fought for myself.

I ran out immediately screaming “somebody help” he caught me, pulled my hair and kicked me like a thief; I scratched my forehead on a fence before landing on the ground still shouting for help I could barley carry myself yet ready to fight him and his imaginary men.

On standing up I realized that he had hopped into the keke and ran away. Less than 15 minutes later, he already took everything in my account.

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