Let talk about Music

Many developments have been made by humans over the years to improve the standard of living. One of the greatest development is the creation of music.

Music is one of the commonly used word but its meaning is deeper beyond familiarity. People have defined music based on feelings, experience, religion, background e.t.c. Music is the combination of sound. Sound is a signal sent to the brain for interpretation through the auditory nerve. Music is made from sound. Without sound there is no music.

What is Sound?

Sound is a sensation perceived by the ear caused by vibration of air or other molecules. When we speak, we could hear ourselves due to the presence of air. Air transmit sound which the ear receive and transmit it to the brain. Astronauts communicate with the use of a device called walkie talkie due to the absence of air in the space. The main reason we make sound is to communicate. In the absence of sound there is no effective communication.


What is Music?

Music is the combination of sound and silence in organized fashion. A good music must have the following characteristics: sound, melody, harmony, rhythm, structure, texture and expression. Music can be produced through vocal voice and musical instruments. The history of music is very length and deep since it is closely as old as human existence. On a daily basis, despite our busy schedule, we listen to music either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Effect of music

  • Music expresses our emotions: it is a knowing that we are emotional beings. We have involuntary psychological approach to issues of life. Our experiences make us different in many ways emotionally. Most times music expresses how we really feel or think about ourselves and others. Music communicate more effectively than other means of communication because it triggers our emotions. Some music makes us happy, sad, loved and encouraged.
  • Music informs us: information is essential in our daily lives. There are information that can be passed more effectively through music. Most of us were ignorant of some knowledge and here we are having knowledge through music. When we were a child, most of what we learnt were through songs
  • Music recalls memories: If we think about our lives, all stages of our lives are attached to a specific music. It may be voluntary or involuntary. There are some music, we don’t listen to ourselves but know them by default. This usually happens when we are in the environment where the song is repeated. When we hear a song, we do remember all the event that happen that era. Some radio stations play old school songs and ask their listeners what they were experience when the song was new. All of their answers were full of emotions and stories of the past.
  • Music inspires us:  we know that life is not bed of roses. We encounter challenges each stage of our lives. When we are discouraged, listening to music can encourage us to do better in life. Every activity we do is attached to a genre of music.

We listen to music daily though some claim they don’t fancy it but it is part of our daily lives .Everybody has his kind of music. Our favorite music depends on our interest. Music defines and expresses who we are. ‘ find the things you value in life and you will find the music for your life’ – Connel Tilbury. Music helps us beyond reasonable doubt. There are knowledge we need to know about music to improve our lives.


Some believe that music is Life, what’s your view on this?’





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