Lion bite off a zoo attendant fingers while trying to impress the zoo visitors

Wonders shall never cease to happen as A Hungry lion Bite off the fingers of a zoo attendant while trying to impress the tourists.

The zoo attendant’s finger was bitten off by a lion at one of Jamaica’s largest parishes, an attraction in St Elizabeth,

According to what was reported,the incident occurred on Friday, May 20, at about 4:22 pm.

Eyewitnesses who filmed the unfortunate incident revealed that the zoo was coming to an end when the zoo attendant in an apparent effort to impress visitors, attempted to pet or tease the lion to show off his Authority over the lion.

The Zoo attendant then paid the Huge price as his right finger was partially bitten off after he stuck his hand through the lion’s was when he was trying to remove his fingers that it cut off.

People are now Reacting: “take the Lion to the forest  since he has tasted a human Blood,making it dangerous.

“Na too much movie cause am”

watch video below 👇

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