Man opposing Tinubu inauguration evicts from plane for delaying flight

Man opposing Tinubu inauguration evicts Plane for delaying flight

On Friday evening, a peculiar incident occurred on an Abuja to Lagos flight operated by Ibom Air that caused a significant delay and caught the attention of both passengers and airport staff.

The cause of the delay was an unidentified male passenger who, upon boarding the plane, immediately made his way to the middle of the aircraft and started making loud and disruptive statements.

Eyewitnesses reported that the man was protesting against the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Bola Tinubu, and was shouting that he must never be sworn in as President. The man’s behavior was erratic and unpredictable, and he appeared to be agitated and confrontational. He continued to shout and make threats, claiming that there would be “war” if Tinubu were to be inaugurated.

As the situation escalated, passengers and crew members started to feel increasingly uncomfortable and alarmed. Some attempted to reason with the man, but he was not receptive and continued to make loud and disruptive statements. It was becoming clear that the man’s presence on the flight was becoming a safety risk, and the airline staff decided to take action.

Airport security officials were called to the scene, and they quickly made their way onto the plane to confront the man. Despite their attempts to calm him down and reason with him, the man refused to cooperate and continued to make loud and aggressive statements.

It became clear that the man needed to be removed from the plane, but this proved to be a difficult task. He was uncooperative and physically resistant, causing a significant delay as airport staff attempted to remove him from the aircraft. In fact, the delay was so significant that the flight was yet to move as of 7pm, an hour after the scheduled departure time.

Man opposing Tinubu inauguration evicts Plane for delaying flight

Finally, after much effort, the airport security officials were able to remove the man from the plane. In a video obtained of the incident, the man can be seen being carried off the aircraft by Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria security personnel, while he continues to shout and make erratic statements.

He can be heard shouting “Obidients, you’re here. They are doing this to me. Obidients you’re here, I am naked. Obidients you’re here, I am going naked.”

While the man’s motivations and intentions remain unclear, the incident has caused concern among airline staff and passengers. It serves as a reminder of the importance of safety protocols and the need to take swift action when passengers exhibit behavior that may pose a risk to others on board.

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