Man Rapes His 3 Years Daughter In Bauchi

The Bauchi State Police Command has said it has arrested a man accused of raping a 3-year-old girl in Doya area of ​​Kirfi Local Government Area.

Man Rapes daughter

A statement from the police said the girl’s mother had lodged a complaint with the local police station, telling them that her husband, Ali Lawan, had asked for a mat so that he could fall asleep on the 9th of this month.

“I was returning to the room when I found her sweating profusely and her face swollen and bleeding,” said her mother.

After she informed the police, officers were dispatched to the scene, who in turn took her to the Kirfi Local Government Area General Hospital for treatment.

Doctors later confirmed that the girl, whom we had chosen to remain anonymous, had been raped.


A police statement said her father had been arrested and an investigation was underway before he will be arraigned in court.


The Bauchi State government has recently enacted a law called the VAPP Violence Against Persons Prohibition, which provides for the death penalty by hanging for rape.


The law also provides for life imprisonment for the rapist, as well as for 20 years for those who have sex with a woman.


State police say they have received reports of rape in the state

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