Matters-Arising: My Wife Doesn’t Want To Work Or Do Business


This was sent over the weekend by a young man living in lagos. They have been married for 3yrs with 2 children. The problem he is having with the wife is that she doesn’t want to do anything with her life. She is a graduate with a 2:1,he has gotten her several interviews for job appointment but she doesn’t attend, she says she doesn’t want to stress herself, that she is okay with staying at home and getting the monthly stipend of N20K.

The young man is struggling to cater to the financial needs of the family and is wiling set her up in business with N350K but she rejected it and said that if she is to do business, he has to raise N5m for her to start it on a big scale and this young man doesn’t have that. All his entreaties has fallen on deaf ears including pleading with her parents to prevail on her but no way. She says it’s N5M or no business. Okay which business does she want to do? She said it’s when she sees the N5M that she will think about it and how to go about it.

This young man is really frustrated that his wife isn’t helping matters and to add salt to injury his office has started owing salaries and the family is really struggling now.

He writes with serious anger and pains that his wife is causing him as a result of this. I want you all to advice him, he will be reading the comments

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