Memory of the past – History

Life is full of memories untold. Sometimes we wonder how everything come into existence. There are still questions on how to live a perfect life here on earth. We wonder how the past began, we observe what the present is and we crave for what the future holds. The past may be full of answers to the question asked in this present age if we learn from it. Everything that exist has a beginning. All activities done in the universe for survival  were first created by a generation. We as humans do things for reasons.

Basically, there are necessity of life that can’t be omitted. We know this through the knowledge of the past. Life is full of excitement, pleasure , happiness and inventions. Life has no concrete or specific definition because the understanding of what life entails depends on one’s status, background, religion, education and experience. There are some knowledge of the past that are needed in the present.

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What is History?

History is a knowledge that studies the past and notable event. The world has transformed overtime and this transformation is as a result of some important roles played by the past generation. We live to survive and this can’t be achieved doing nothing. Every activity has a beginning and If it’s purpose is not known it will be abused.

Well, we live in a world where everybody crave freedom and right. If the reason of freedom and right is not clear, it will definitely become abuse and disastrous.

Why should we study History?

  • History is fun:some will be like, you say what? History is fun! How is it fun? We find it hard to know the pleasure of reading the past because we are too engrossed with the present situation. Most of us have heard about story of a legend but find it boring because of the way it was narrated or you just find it boring. If you read history, there will be a mind game between what the era, you were reading looks like and what the present says. At least you sharpen your reasonings.
  • History informs us: there is something unique about information. It can be old and still effective. History informs us of the virtue the past generation possessed to survive. It tells us about the beginning of notable event or culture. A song by bob marley says ‘ if you know your history, you will know where you are coming from and where you are going’ . It makes us know why some traditions are in practice and why some are omitted. With history, our lives may have direction.
  • History explains Life better: information can only be effective if it is clear. Our experiences alone may not be enough for life lessons. We grow when we learn from others. There is a popular saying which goes thus ‘ no man is an island’ . We can’t function without one another. We have different spectrum used to view life. How a musician view the world is different from how a farmer view the world. The event of the past gives us the information of what life is all about.
  • History reveal the mistake of the past: there is a common saying ‘ no man is above mistake’. On daily basis, we remember some of our actions we regret. We sometimes wish that time can be reversed to correct our mistakes. History informs us of some mistakes of the past that affected their lives. We can learn from their mistakes to prevent the past from repeating itself. Every mistake has its consequence. We can learn from the past to minimize the mistake we make while we live.


Open book with history doodles and lettering. Education vector illustration.

Conclusively, what is fascinating about history is its continuity. It is continuous and never ends. The maker of the history may die but its impact in life will be continuous and improved. What makes event notable is its continuous effect in our daily lives. We are history too and how we live daily affect the world forever. We will discuss some legends and lesson to be learnt from them.

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