Mercy Aigbe’s is a home recker. This is her second time of taking somebody’s husband. A close friend discloses.

  • The controversial actress Mercy Aigbe, has been at the mercy of fans and social media users for some days now over the news of her marriage as a second wife to Adekaz.

Mercy Aigbe

The actress who seemed not bothered has been posting their pictures together. A lot of people took her marriage so personally on the grounds that she could not stay married to her ex husband, yet she choose to marry another person’s husband thereby recking or destroying the woman’s marriage.

A close person to the actress however released a post recently disclosing that this was not the first time she is coming in between a husband and his wife. So could this be who she really is? Or should another woman out there be very careful as she wouldn’t know what Mercy Aigbe has in mind for her husband?

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Here is the screenshot of the disclosure made by the person.


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