Military seizes power in another Africa-French colony

In yet another unsettling development for an African-French colony, the reins of power have been forcibly taken over by the military. The long-standing rule of Ali Bongo, which spanned an impressive 14-year period from 2009 to 2023, has come to an abrupt end.

The military commanders of Gabon have taken their concerns directly to the nation through televised broadcasts. Their assertion is that the recently conducted elections, lack credibility, thereby justifying their intervention. 

The military’s decision to seize control stems from their belief that the electoral process did not uphold the principles of fairness and transparency.

President Ali Bongo, who held authority for a considerable 14 years, had purportedly secured victory in the election by garnering an impressive 64 percent of the total presidential vote. However, this declaration of his triumph has been met with skepticism by the military forces now in power. Their skepticism arises from their conviction that the electoral proceedings were marred by irregularities and manipulation.

The heart of the military’s argument lies in their assertion that the Gabonese government, under Bongo’s leadership, has long neglected to heed the voices of the people. This perceived disregard for the will of the populace has evidently driven the military to take matters into their own hands. Their actions underscore a deep-seated dissatisfaction with the trajectory the nation has been following under the previous administration.

Interestingly, Ali Bongo’s father, the former President Omar Bongo, casts a shadow over this political landscape. His opulent lifestyle, characterized by the possession of 70 bank accounts, 39 apartments, 2 Ferraris, 6 Mercedes Benz cars, 3 Porsches, and even a Bugatti in France, adds a layer of intrigue to the situation. 

These ostentatious displays of wealth, particularly in the face of the country’s challenges, serve to highlight the grievances that have been building within the nation.

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