Are you a Blogger, writer, freelancer journalist and social media commentator that share content with audience on Facebook, Twitter and other platform just for fun. We have build monetization tools to help these individuals to generate meaningful, reliable revenue that’s sustainable over time.

Matter Arising Content Monetization Policies

Our Content Monetization Policies include; Rules against fake news, Violent, Sexual/Nude, graphic or profane content

Matter Arising Content Arrangement Standard

Publisher must not choose more than one category per post. This is one of our foundational rules to arranged contents by categories

Matter Arising Penalty on violations

If your content fails to meet our standards or follow our policies, it may be take-down without notice for an enforcement action. These include reducing or removing your ability to use our monetization tools.


If you believe we take-down your content by mistake, you can submit an appeal via our contact us section.

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