Must-Read: Open Relationship, good to play out in Nigeria?


Open Relationships  are relationships in which one or both partners can pursue sex, and sometimes emotional attachments, with other people.

Is an Open Relationship Right for You?

Some people know from their teenage years that they are not interested in monogamy, despite the prevalent expectation that everyone will, one day, be in a monogamous relationship leading to marriage. Others dip into open relationships because of circumstances, like having a crush on someone new or because a partner presents the possibility.

Helping Your Loved Ones Understand Open Relationships

Even if your partner is on board with an open relationship, friends and family may have strong opinions. There may be some people you can talk to about the arrangement, and some you can’t. However, if more people can discuss desires and situations that don’t align with traditional ideas of marriage, they may become more common and less taboo.

Signs that an Open Relationship Is a Problem

An open relationship isn’t for everyone. Here are some warning signs that it’s not going to work:

  • One or both partners become jealous or uncomfortable
  • One partner is not on board with the arrangement
  • The marriage or partnership is strained and no longer happy
  • One partner becomes dishonest or secretive
  • Boundaries are crossed

It’s important that the two people in the partnership agree about an open relationship for it to be beneficial to both parties. Boundaries should be clearly discussed and set. Then everyone can voice what they’re not comfortable with.


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