My Journey as a Hearing-Impaired: Deaf graduate narratives experiences.

A Deaf graduate of political science from Gombe State University has narrated his experiences on his life journey as a hearing impaired in an article sent to MattersArising,

The Young man narrated that he was born hearing and become deaf at the age of ten (10) as a result of sickness. However, inspite of this it didn’t stopped him from pursuing his education and trying to become who he desires to be.

“I was a normal person like you, the incident occurred to me at the age of ten  as a result of sickness, I lost my hearing and some part of my voice. Though I can still speak with low voice, in most case I prefer to communicate (with hearing counterparts ) by writing in order  to avoid being mocked if I don’t pronounce some words correctly” He began.

Yahaya said that When He  lost his  hearing, his parents became so worried, they imagined seeing their brilliant son becoming somebody in life after all they know he’s the brightest among his two elder brothers who are both his class mates at primary school. After several efforts from his parents and well-wishers to restore my hearing loss from hospitals (Including that of AKTH) to traditional medical homes, effort proven abortive. They gave up. He said.

“My parents doubts if their son will succeed in spite of his disability. They even refused to transfer me to special school that moment with the hope one day their son will be healed and live a normal life. Until I completed my JSS, I was about to be enrolled in to another normal secondary school (dad had already collected the admission letter) but after several effort and advice from uncle including my principal, my parents were persuaded to take me to special school in Gombe.(this is normal with some parents due to their wrong perception about the deaf and deafness. I know many deaf whose parents hide them or refused to send them to special school, leaving them at home or normal school until they graduated without knowing sign language. These people suffer communication barriers and isolation. Even if they join deaf community they find it difficult to communicate with their deaf peers because they don’t know sign language) I thank God in that school I learned how to communicate in sign language and graduated with best student in government award”

Yahaya  added that immediately after his secondary school he was admitted to Gombe State University to study political science adding that it was challenging for a Deaf person like him to study in a conventional university without a sign language interpreter. He however said despite all odds he overcome the challenges and graduated with good class honour degree.

“The journey is tough and rough but I give God the glory for seeing me through.  I hope one day I will be great regardless of my disability ” He concluded.

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