Nigeria Don’t Need Constitution Amendment – Afe Babalola

Nigeria Don't Need Constitution Amendment - Afe BabalolaNigeria Don’t Need Constitution Amendment – Afe Babalola

The Nigerian lawyer, and founder Afe Babalola university state that politicians in the country, are benefiting from the flaws of the 1999 constitution. In a recent interview with The Sun, he said because they are beneficiaries of the constitution, they would not be able to make proper amendments where necessary.

The senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN) disclosed that the calls for the amendment of the constitution is not necessary, adding that what was needed was a sovereign national conference to produce a new constitution that would benefit the ordinary people.

Afe Babalola reinstates that the only way out is not an amendment to the flawed constitution but a new people’s constitution through a sovereign national conference.The politicians who are in government, in the national assembly, and who are benefiting from the flawed constitution can never make any good and proper constitution for this country and no amendment can ever do so.

Look at the house of assembly, senate. Now, hardly will you find 50 people there in a day and they earn salaries. They even talked about pension. So, there is no way you can amend the constitution. They will make sure that they remain earning these billions of naira. We are the only country where people earn billions.

I have participated in many conferences and at the end of the day what comes out of it? They want to spend another N2 billion for amendment; what are you amending?” He said.

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