Nnamdi Kanu Set to Delcare Biafra Nation Oct. 12th as Biafran in diaspora advice on Referendum

Nnamdi Kanu Set to Delcare Biafra Nation Oct. 12th as Biafran in diaspora advice on Referendum

It was reported that, despite Britain vote against referendum and Buhari refusal for his Nigerian diplomat to sign the document. UN says Kanu should go ahead with October 12 declaration of sovereign state of Biafra with it official flag Matters Arising gathered

According to the report made available to Matters Arising, even though Buhari refuse to sign Biafra independence on October 12, Biafra will still go. There is no going back on Biafra independence on October 12, all the requirements we need has been presented by the leader of Biafra agitation, Nnamdi kanu. Journalists reports that Nnamdi kanu will be coming to Nigeria with Israeli and US united soldiers any moment from now.

Meanwhile, the Biafran in diaspora urges Kanu not declare Biafra on October 12th, rather use it to set date for referendum to liberate our people, Biafran In Diaspora Advice Kanu.

Also, Biafra in diaspora have urge Kanu not to go ahead with declaration of sovereign state of Biafra on 12th October because 12th October doesn’t mean a special day for us but advice him to use the victory gift from united nation to fixed a proper referendum for the citizens of Biafra.

According to the email we receive from the group which says, If we must start a new nation let’s start on a new solid foundation because every region will enjoy there autonomy. Our people deserve to participate and decide which way forward for us.

Declaring independent without total approval of our people will backfire and may may give federal troops reason to invide our land once again.

Many of us abroad will like to participate in a true referendum once a date is fix and we have insisted on a referendum first and we believe Mazi nnamdi Kanu has educated his followers so much that the know and understand what the truly want. They said”

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