O P I N I O N: Nigerians want military to takeover, after Guinea’s Coup (Do You Support it?)

Coup d ' etat in Guinea: Colenel Momady Doumbouya led successfully Coup in Guinea

In the early morning of Sunday, September 05, 2021, heavy gunfire was heard near the presidential palace. In a video announcement, the soldiers confirmed that Alpha was not harmed during the coup. According to Guineanews, many other members of Alpha’s administration have been arrested as well.

Guinea coup development came after residents heard about two hours of heavy gunfire across the capital Conakry. Guinea soldiers on Sunday said they have taken control of the government and suspended the Constitution.

Professor Alpha Condé came to power in 2010 this is the consecration for the one proudly called ‘the historic opponent’, to signify his long struggle in the opposition’s ranks against the various powers in Guinea.

He brings with him the hope of a dreamy change. After all, he is the first democratically elected president in his country’s history.

Once in business, he quickly hires colossal sites to make Guinea the new Eldorado of Africa. Energy, Mines, Hotel, he hires several projects aimed at equipping Guinea with infrastructures to the dimension of his dream.

To do this, it diversifies Guinea’s partners, which is now open to all foreign investors. This is the renewal of Guinea. Economic indicators are green, growth is at the rendezvous. There is even a steady increase in wages.

Only, on the political front, there is growing tension. At the end of the second term, the opposition lends President Condé the intention of wanting to remain in power, and commits demonstrations throughout the country. Protests suppressed by Guinea’s power that imprison many protesters and political leaders.

Guinean President Alpha Condé who changed the Constitution to allow him to run for a controversial third term has been overthrown by Guinean Special Forces led by Col. Mamadi Doumbouya, the Head of Special Forces.

The coup attempt that started in the morning has succeeded according to media sources.

President Alpha Condé seen calm as special forces drive him out of the Presidential palace to undisclosed destination.

Statement from the Head of the Coupe in Guinea.

I’m Dumbuya and I’m forming CNRD which will steer the country through a Transition. I have dissolved the Parliament and Government. I’m ordering the suspension of the Constitution and ordered the closure of the land, border and air space.

Finally, President Condé will amend the Constitution, and will run for a third term, which he wins hands-on with 59,5 % in the first round. Starting his third term.

If the election has passed, social and political tensions remain on the agenda, until a certain September 5, 2021, or elements of the army, led by Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya assault on the Presidential Palace, and announce the arrest of President Alpha Condé, and the establishment of a National Rally and Development Committee (CNRD).

O P I N I O N: Nigerians want for military takeover, after Guinea’s Coup (Do You Support it?)

Professor Condé, President of Guinea Conakry who has been ruling since 2010, has been overthrown by his country military and some Nigerians on social media are calling for the same thing to happen here in Nigeria

Do you think the military should intervene in Nigeria because of insecurity and corruption?

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Coup in Guinea: Facts about overthrown Guinea President

Coup in Guinea: Facts about overthrown Guinea President

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