Please, Permit me to Fuck you Lady beg Reno Omokri (See Details)

Please, Permit me to Fuck you Lady beg Reno Omokri

A Twitter user identify as Mirabel Angel has pleased with the popular author and lawyer Reno Omokri to give her a chance of having sex with him at least once

The young Nigerian lady took to Twitter to shoot her shot on the former presidential aides, asking him for a night stand in respect to his previous post.

While commenting on the popular author post, she wrote

Sir, Give me the chance too fuvk you bloody.

Reno Omokri, responding to her comment, he wrote

Dear @MirabelAngela3,
There is an emptiness in you that only God can fill. Even if you sleep with men to your hearts content the void will remain. You are a spirit, not an animal. You need love, not sex receive Christ. He is the greatest love!


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