P£nis Captivus: Why Lovers Get Stuck During s£x

It is often common to see or hear of stories of people get stuck while making love. While many view it as diabolical, especially as a “lock” a patner puts in place to catch a fellow cheating patner, this is an entirely normal phenomenon. This article addresses what you should know about this occurrence.

Penis captivus is a rare occurrence during s£xual intercourse when the muscles in the vagina clamp down on the p£nis much more firmly than usual, making it to get stuck, thus impossible to be withdrawn.

Why and how it happens.

Arousal causes the wall of the vagina which are made of muscular tissues to contract at different times during intercourse. When orgasm becomes more intense, the contraction become excessively so strong enough that it latches onto the p£nis, making withdrawal extremely.

Erection of the p£nis also contributes to difficult withdrawal. Normally vaginal contraction is transcient and subsides after a short time. Relapse is also due to er£ction which normally subsides afte orgasm, making it easier to separate. The time for this relaxation varies depending on the strength of the subsequent contractions.

Withdrawal may take longer

Normally, erection and contraction are both mediated by blood flow to the p£nis and vagina respectively. Relaxation is thus caused by blood flow away from these organs. Any factor that will allow blood to be retained in these organs will prevent relaxation.

This includes fear and panic which may be caused by bystanders who stigmatise, beat or even insult the duo. All these inhibit blood flow away from the penile and vaginal arteries and therefore, erection and contraction are respectively sustained. This is why withdrawal is often difficult and seems impossible.

How to manage Penis Captivus.

P£enis captivus can be managed by remaining calm. Panicking can lead to forcefully attempting to withdraw the p£nis, and that can lead to more pain and discomfort. This helps the nerves and blood vessels supplying the genitals to help relapse both erection and and thus, relaxation and subsequent withdrawal can be achieved.

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