Reactions as 9 years old who set supermarket on fire in Abuja interrogates (See Different Perspectives)

Reactions as 9 years old who set supermarket on fire in Abuja interrogates (See Different Perspectives)

A 9 years old captured by CCTV footage the moment she appeared to be igniting the fire that engulfed Prince Ebeano supermarket in Lokogoma area of Abuja, has surfaced online.

Recall that a huge fire razed the supermarket on Saturday night till the early hours of Sunday morning, with firefighters battling to keep it under control.

The footage, which has the date stamp of July 17, showed the girl waddling into the gas section of the supermarket at about 7 pm.

She waited for the fire to catch on before she disappeared back where she came from.

The blob of fire she left behind exploded leading to an inferno that engulfed the supermarket.

Reactions as 9 years old who set supermarket on fire in Abuja interrogates (See Different Perspectives below

Nduka Miracle while reacting to the act he wrote “The face of the wicked 9 year old who put the Ebeano supermarket on fire. This girl acted so deliberate and straight to purpose.

How she casually strolled to the particular isle that had lighters and cylinders displayed, picked one lighter and lighted it under several lighters, cylinders and other displayed items is very cringe worthy.

Lighting it in such a place made it more explosive and uncontrollable, as several lighters had their contents picking fire and spreading easily. It shows a child who knew exactly what she was doing.

After she left the scene, she briefly stopped to check if the fire was really burning. She either was sent by some adults, has a mental health issue, or she’s wickedly mischievous.

Whichever one it is, they should handle this case delicately. Unfortunately I don’t trust the Nigerian police to do this.

A psychologist or a mental health care giver should be present during her interrogations, to ascertain any abnormal behavior. It’s so unfortunate that somebody’s sweat had to go down the drains just like that.

Paniel Chris Enwenwen wrote “I saw the CCTV footage of Ebeano Supermarket being set on fire and I have questions:

1. Who is incharge of their surveillance control room? A big store like this has one I’m very sure. Why didn’t they act then they saw the fire because there was clearly a camera positioned at the exact spot of the incident.

2. Why will a 9 year old child, walk up to the gas aisle of a Supermarket and set it ablaze? Was this something an adult instigated? She couldn’t be acting alone. 9 year olds are still babies. She lit the fire and immediately left the Supermarket. Also will a 9 year old figure out that if she wants to burn the place all she needs is to target the gas lighters?

3. The Supermarket guard that saw the fire when it just started was busy running up and down like a retard, in the whole Ebeano wasn’t there fire extinguisher nearby?

4. Why will the Nigerian police make a leak the video of the interrogation? Did you even hear the stupid way they were interrogating that child? Fear will even make her just say what they want to hear

5. Finally, the adults that are busy sharing and posting her pictures all over the Internet and calling her a witch. Wow!!!! Yes what she dis was evil, but let’s atleast know what led to it.

Did an adult send her? Is she mentally ill?

Was she doing it to catch trips?Nothing adds up here. Just my own opinion!!

Sonia Obi Okodo wrote “If you do not see anything wrong in the way that 9 year old child was being interrogated under extreme threats of violence and then her face shown to world, then you deserve a room in Yaba left.

The way that Child was being interrogated is the same way Children who are abused are interrogated. In the most inhumane way.

I am not here to tell you that a crime was not committed but she is a minor. A 9 year old and laws protect her. She committed arson but now we will never know the truth because when you scare a child , you will only turn them to robots. They will say what you want them to say out of fear and give you different accounts of the incident just to escape beating.

You can hardly see a minor who committed a crime being paraded or exposed in the media abroad. They didn’t even censor her face.

LI do not know who trains the Nigerian Police force on interrogations.

I suspect that child may have been asked to do what she did but now we wouldn’t know because the theory that I have in my head about this event fit land me lawsuit so I will ignore.

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