“Rep Sulaiman Gumi, A Product That Sells Itself” – COMR. A I Imam

Rep. Sulaiman Abubakar Gumi; A Product that Sells Itself by Comr Abbas Isah Imam

It is an undisputed fact that Rep. Gumi’s remarkable representation in the HoR has been a blessing not only to his immediate constituents but rather Zamfara as our state and Nigeria as the larger constituency. He’s a newbie whose magnificent performance in the house could be likened to someone with decades of experience in legislation. His giant strides in both legislation (which traverses sponsoring of bills and motions, oversights functions and other committee obligations) and constituency engagements are unprecedented;

*This is a man who sponsored 6 bills and 3 motions upon clocking 6 months in office.
*This is a man who currently has 10 bills to his credit that are seeking to strengthen institutional capacity, enhance security, education, employment, agriculture, healthcare and civil service etcetera.
*This is a man who has to his credit so far, 10 motions that are open calls on authorities to address insecurity in his constituency, state and Nigeria at large, quackery in education, repositioning of the Almajiri system, pollution etcetera.

*On oversight and Committee functions; Rep. Gumi is a Sub-C’ttee Chairman on Appropriations and a member of several committees. These positions have seen him alongside his colleagues engaging in oversight visits, public and investigative hearings, House-MDAs engagements etcetera.
*On legislative engagements; Rep. Gumi has left to sector untouched.
– Education (top-priority); founded an advanced college and facilitated 2 others, granted 400+ scholarships, and lots more, Agriculture, rural electrification, empowerment (1000s), employment (130+ Jobs secured), cash support, support for security men, IDPs, Physically challenged, capacity building programmes, infrastructural development; construction of Primary healthcare centres, roads, bridges, drainages, reconstruction and renovations of several other places and lots more.

These and many others are a clear indication that he has crafted a blueprint before vying for the office which he’s determined to execute with the help of Allaah.

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* He is a man who cares less about the media spotlight and is thus focused and determined to advance the well being of his people and humanity at large in relative silence.
*He is a man who held no position in public service in the past but doing wonders now that he’s in the sector.
*He is a man with ample humility and who listens to his people
*He is a man who talks less and acts more
*He is a man who respects the young, elderly and all regardless.
*He is a man with an ample dose of compassion and altruism

One may dislike him politically but cannot deny the fact that Rep. Gumi’s representation is purposeful, people-centred, results-oriented and indeed uncommon.

Rep. Gumi is a true Leader in all sense of the word. He is that kind of politician who needs not to be garnished for his achievements are there in abundance to speak for him.
Yet, like every one of us, Rep. Gumi is a human being and thus isn’t perfect.

I dare say, Rep. Gumi, deserves more than a second term for he has justified the trust reposed in him by his people.

I, as his constituent emphatically say; #RepGumiBeyond2023.

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