Risk of Long Time Sex (Uncommon Opinion)

Risk of Long Time Sex (Uncommon Opinion)

On this article I’m going to discuss on the risk of long time sex, we’re going to deal with its dangerous. Before we begin let me quickly share with an experience storyi had sometimes ago, I was called to see a patient. Immediately I rushed down the steps and headed to the hospital wards.

On getting there, the person was sitting in the back seat of a automotive that brought him. I watched him carefully however there have been no respiratory efforts at the moment nobody know this man is dying of having (long time sex), however I fast went for the heart beat, not palpable, no cardiac exercise, pupils have been dilated, mounted and unreactive to light.

I noticed foam rush by the mouth and nostrils of the man. Clearly he’s lifeless. Nonetheless panting from the unplanned train I did, I felt unhealthy I could not do something for him. Out of curiosity, I needed to know the way he got to that point.

The spouse, a younger woman in her late 30s informed me they have been enjoying (very long time sex) when all of a sudden he grew to become distressed, struggling for air and she tried to calm him all to no avail then she raised alarm for assist. I shortly requested if her husband was hypertensive and she admitted. I requested for his medicine, fortunately they came together with his medicine. I went by the medicine, and was able to identify some and it included: digoxin, Viagra, lisinopril.

In my little thoughts I concluded the young man in his late 40s “DIED in active service to the spouse” you understand what that imply, well it signifies that the man developed coronary heart assault from very long time sex. My assumption could also be proper or mistaken, however seeing these two medicine, I will not be blamed for my assumption. He may Rest in peace to the dead.

When speaking about Long Time Sex, have you ever imagined why males die more? Have you ever seen that there are more widows than widowers? Simply test in your little village, then extends it to your group and you may be shocked what you discover. I just need to choose one of many reasons I really feel contributes to this. I will attraction that that is solely my opinion; it could be mistaken or proper.

Does Long Time Sex Satisfying A Woman

Every responsible man desires to satisfy his household and spouse by way of offering for their fundamental wants and in addition satisfying his wife in bed by having very long time sex. However doing this on the expense of the man’s life is what I want we are talking about.

It’s a widespread experience at the present time that ladies brazenly discuss how bad their spouses are in bed, and most times the lady makes life troublesome for the man by throwing abusive phrases at him as a result of the person can’t satisfied by long time sex.

Likewise, it is also common to see a whole lot of products being openly advertised and marketed for enhancement of males sexual efficiency. Quite a lot of ladies are liable for their husband’s death due to their extreme demands for sexual satisfaction or long duration which generally called (very long time sex), and within the bid to satisfy the lady the man take medicine that endanger his well being, and their lives are cut short.

Is long time sexual satisfaction the basis of relationships or marriage? Typically some ladies even ask for larger penis and my fellow man will probably be taking the risk to drink all kinds of medicine simply to enlarge his penis to satisfy the lady. Is this not simply mocking God who created you? On the end you may die satisfying a woman. Why not ask the lady to reduce her vagina to size you up instead?

You will need to observe that a man’s sexual efficiency relies on a whole lot of factors, corresponding to stress, diet, medical conditions such as diabetes, and drugs such as antihypertensive, as well as relationship problems.

Why man can’t have Natural long time sex

How do you expect a man whom woman nag, starve, embarrass in public, whom you refuse to support financially, who sleeps for less than 3 hours in a day, to satisfy you sexually or have natural long time sex? Sometimes the lady might go behind the man. Most at the times the ladies will threaten to go outside for the so called satisfaction and the man will be struggling to take increased doses of the drugs to satisfy her to forestall adultery from his marriage.

However you know what? That woman you need to fulfill on the expense of your personal life began having intercourse earlier than the age of 12 years. She has been experiencing a number of sexual actions till the age of 25yrs or more before she got married.

Before her marriage, she has experimented sex broadly with many males of various experience and power, capacities. Unfortunately, she married you, a single man with single capability, however she is already addicted to different sex experiences. So how will you measure up, just one man, to satisfy her?

Do not die in active service. Please your kids, friends and parents will need you alive. Do not die in the attempt to satisfy a lady sexually. Simply do what you are able to do and leave the rest to God. If you happen to die satisfying a lady immediately after your burial different men will come and proceed from where you left of.

Our dear wives and girlfriends, we’re begging you to assist us stay a bit longer. If you do not want to be part of the widows membership, please assist us financially, appreciate what we are trying to do for you, encourage us to do more, stop the nagging, go the extra mile to feed us well, give us peace of mind, enable us sleep at night, let the home be the home in order that we are able to really feel happy coming home after our day by day toil, perceive our well being challenges, perceive the unwanted side effects of medicine we’re taking, shield our weaknesses, do not shame us to our children and your friends, and above all pray for us. Then we will live longer for you.

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