Saraki is a professional looter, Man Blast Saraki after justified looting in Ilorin (See Details)

Saraki is a professional looter, Man Blasts Saraki after justified looting in Ilorin

Recall, hoodlums burst into kwara state warehouse in Ilorin and cart away the reserved foods items.

Meanwhile, hoodlums attack private own business in ilorin metropolis which shop right FEMTECH and others are major victim

The former governor of kwara state, two term senators and eight senate president of National Assembly has justified the looting and blame the state government of poor governance that lead to youth anger.

Me Femi Arekujaye, while reacting to Saraki’s statement he said;

“It’s regrettable that the meaningful and peaceful protest of the youths was hijacked and redirected for destruction and political gains.”

“This is openly displayed in the commiseration message coming from Dr. Bukola Saraki, the architect of poverty and hunger in kwara state. The loot he carried out in kwara is a million times worse than what we are physically seeing today, he has laid a bad precedent before he was shamelessly chased out in the state by electorate.”

“Its important to note that Bukola Saraki has been sent to an unreturnable journey of political relegation though his bad legacies still remains.”

“The commiseration message by Bukola Saraki to his young looters had really proven how the act of ransacks brought a mischievous smile to his lips and that is why we will continue to hold him accountable to the people of kwara state: because Bukola Saraki had set a bad legacy of Ile Arugbo where thuggery, hooligans and all manners of miscreants were been trained in the past.”

“This is democracy. Its obligatory on us all to continue holding the senior advocate of looter to account on every single clifties and
despoils by his baby looters in the state and not Gov. AbdulRaman this, AbdulRaman that.”

“Let the then unexplainable massive death of kwarans at Ile Arugbo be proved beyond the reasonable doubt by Bukola Saraki, the strange occurrence had since then left the state bemused because up till now the such of their sudden demise could not be ascertained.

“Recall the immediate past administration of Gov. AbdulFatai Hammed under the leadership of Dr. Bukola Saraki the state in its history experienced the first pillage at the mandate house where hundreds of bikes, tricycles, thousand of bag of rice, semovita and indome were carted away while innocent kwarans were been injured by these set of ILE ARUGBO trainee. contrary to these, on what basis could Bukola Saraki be smiling or is he smiling because the state is suffering from his bad legacies deposited on ground?

We still had it in our memory on how a pregnant woman was massacred and later used to sacrificed their unrealistic governorship scheme during the last election at the admiralty road or do you think we have quickly forgotten the rituals up and down?

The verdict on Offa saga never came to conclusion because of official perversion of justice and undue interference, the world are watching you on how you going to eat your cake and have it back because we are all living witnesses on how a pregnant woman was gruesomely murdered in cold blood while about 65 innocent souls were been killed in Offa bank rubbery under Bukola Saraki’s leadership. We know your styles of vandalism.

So therefore, Its advisable you keep quite forever and enjoy your days in relegation as kwarans had knew the different between darkness and light, kwarans are wiser now and you are gone forever

These are the set of people who made the national assembly jumbo pay possible after inventing life pension for themselves.
Dr. Bukola for your information, the youths are now wiser. Gov. A. A. has shown us the difference between the darkness and light and he will consolidate on his good governance and prompt respond to the plight of the kwara citizens.

This has been proven by the palliative distributions that had been properly done in 15 out of the 16 local government in the state. The only one left was that of offa local government and those for special vulnerable in the state which could not be handed over before the terminal was burgled.
Kwara indigenes are not moved by any of your crocodile tear shed anymore or who do you think you’re fooling again?

Therefore, its advisable for Bukola Saraki to shut his mouth up and remain mute forever.


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