See How Delta State Retirees Collapse During Protest Over Unpaid Seven Years (7) Pension

See How Delta State Retirees Collapse During Protest Over Unpaid Seven Years (7) Pension


According to the writer he said Believe me, I am tired of seeing, reading or writing anything about Gov. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa just as much as I am about President Muhamed Buhari. Having one of them pilot affairs that determine the future of my children is one enough big headache but having both at same time is one big incurable migraine.

I’ve decided to lick my wounds of tragedies and patiently wait for 2023. By His special grace, we will have better replacements. We certainly will because nothing could be worse!

See How Delta State Retirees Collapse During Protest Over Unpaid Seven Years (7) Pension

While Buhari could be excused for being clueless since he forced himself into President Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure without the Otuoke-born leader preparing any handover yet, that of Okowa defies every logic of transition.

There is no place for slave trade in the present time, as civilisation has supposedly taken over the hails and whisker of modern activities. The act could not crossover to the 21st century and stack more inference to dehumanisation of the sort, as the practice lacks legal furnace and economic stimulation. Yet, in some ways, the act is being perpetually executed in a systematic fashion, a negative scenario that is a dominant proceeding in the current regime of Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, the Delta State Governor.

Even as sadness engulfs me as I write for Delta State pensioners republic, I am more saddened to know, that there is no one to influence a soft landing for these old men and women who have devotedly toiled in their youth to make the state befitting to call a home. The negative posture of the Delta State House of Assembly on the slumbering condition of these victims of bad leadership, if we can be fair to ourselves is so murderous.

How do we sleep with our eyes closed when people who have made the state what it is, the little colorations borne by the state today, which we all know is not the handiwork of our Governor but that of those who sacrificed their own youthfulness to make sure that, the apparent twist of events by our villains does not send the people completely crashing, but have their hopes retained so the hope of a better tomorrow does not vanished from them.

The Delta Pensioner is forsaken and rudely left alone to die. Commissioners and other appointees in this government have been waded off relevance, they have their best contributions on governance by only registering their presence at executive gatherings where they remain passive, only taking instructions from the tyrant, our emperor of doom.

With such ecstasy, who then will save our old parents from this kind of ferociously on rampage, when everyone has deserted them, leaving them to their fate? Oh they will remember their old fun days! The days when they would enjoy the hope of a better ending. Which place have these people been led to, where is the promising end they once envisaged? Where is the blessing that should cheer retirement after long years of service? What is the crime committed by these heroes to earn them such exile from their own place? Who will speak for them, since they have spoken for too long without food and water, and can no longer produce a sound loud enough to be heard? Why has everyone taken sides with the tyrant, who has turned a warrior against his own people? Hmmmm, even those who are supposedly paladins, whom these people have moulded using their hands have all suddenly become dumb.

Has there ever been judgement with such loopholes by God? The deluge of ills under this administration have reached its summit, with the divine judge still tempering justice with mercy. With things generally already at the apex of negativity; and pensioners dying daily, the three Paladins in the pensioners republic will only hope that God Intervenes to salvage the ever deteriorating condition of these people .

The only way to impede this conservative government is through divine intervention. Meanwhile, on our side, we will not cease to pen down words for the emancipation of those made slaves by their supposed leaders and elimination of this latest mode of slavery, helmed by the Delta State government.

My spirit usually breaks into pieces anytime I learn that the total amount of money to spend on pensioners across board, including those that are yet to be captured is #500,000, 000. 00 only. That is, if every pensioner gets paid every month, there will be no shortage of money in anyway as investigations have revealed.

The government will not have this simple mechanisms to get on top of the situation, it would rather split into two groups the few pensioners on the payroll to be paying them in turns, which implies that in a whole year a pensioner is entitled to collect pension money three or six times out of the supposed 12 months. Such is how payment of pension is polarized in the state, forcing some pensioners to earn an accumulated amount of 18 thousand Naira for a year.

I remember few years ago how an attempt by some group of pensioners to press home their demand had some of the members meet their deaths.This is what the government and those of us who keep quiet at the many wrong and dangerously avoidable disasters of Okowa have been craving for, on the head of these poor senior citizens.

To know that the gods have taken the senses of dynamism away from our Dr. Okowa, let us consider a referral to the scene where old men and women staged an historic but forgettable protest to press home their demand and could only smile home with tears and degenerated ailments that disfigured and impaired their own life securities. What a storied imprint to be remembered with.

~ Sad Citizen Miracle Nwa Ogor Ifeanyichukwu, The Undisputed National Chairman Of Political Trouble Makers Association Of Nigeria, Wrote From Bayern Münich, Federal Republic Of Germany.

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