See What Happened, Why SARS Was Created 1984

See What Happened, Why SARS Was Created 1984

See What Happened, Why SARS Was Created 1984

The Former Nigeria Police Commissioner said I feel ashamed, regret creating SARS retired Kwajafa says as he recounts how SARS was formed

The police officer who created the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), retired commissioner Kwajafa has expressed regret over creating the controversial police unit.

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Speaking in an interview with BBC Hausa, the retired officer stated that the unit has acted totally different from its founding aims and objectives

Kwajafa said that the disheartening news he has been hearing made him think there are armed robbers among the new crop of SARS operatives

My name is Fulani Kwajafa, I entered the Nigerian Police Force In 1984. Then robbery was prevalent, this was when Buhari was head of state. He (Buhari) got a lot of complains about stealing from others, robbing people-he told me and Mr. Inyang, the then IGP that we must do something about it or be fired

Mr. Inyang called me and told me to come up with a plan to save the country from thieves, so I said okay. I told him to give me his trust resources and officers start work.

After four months of creating SARS, there was peace, those who were caught sent to prison

This this frustrates me, there is no reason why because some should be killed there are news and no one will give an order that if you see armed robbers kill the person.

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I have been hearing disheartening news, to the extent that I have thought to myself that it seems among the SARS officials, there are armed robbers.

This is not why we created SARS, the reason is completely different, this is not the purpose. In fact, when I am mentioned as the creator of SARS, I feel ashamed. It’s a thing of regret for me.

If I had known it would be like this, I wouldn’t have crated it because people who know when I established the unit always say to be, is it not Kwajaga’s baby’? But this is not what I birthed, it has been changed.

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