See What Nnamdi Kanu say after killing of IPOB members in Obigbo Rivers state

See What Nnamdi Kanu say after killing of IPOB members in Obigbo Rivers state

The supreme leader of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been accused of been silent about the killing of IPOB members in Rivers state by the men of Nigeria army.

The IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu  who address his followers today 2nd of November 2020, via Facebook live broadcast make the statement below on his live broadcast

Nnamdi Kanu said, I warned you time and time again, Chukwu Okike Abiama is our shield, is our armour, is our God that is why you bear his name, I warned all of you to leave this odeshi nonsense you will not listen, leave it you will not listen to you people don’t hear.

Anytime you put on odeshi God is angry with you because you don’t believe he can protect you, Chukwu Okike Abiama is angry. You put your faith in the nonsense you go outside, and they kill you they shot at you, and you die, they come out With their native doctor, don’t you know that?

All of you are just messing yourselves up, and you don’t have a brain. When the white man came to conquer Africa, did they have odeshi with them? Despite all your native doctors, your Babalawo and dibias did oyibo not conquer you?

Did the white man that doesn’t know any dibia did they not conquer you? Ndi ara (mad people) you are doing odeshi, and once you do it, you lose your senses, a combination of factors ndi isi ojii (black people) you people don’t want to reason.

Every day we come here, and we pray we ask God for mercy, you trust God, and then you trust what one idiot is concocting in the village in the name of odeshi and protection, charms and armlet, are you not foolish?

You people want to destroy the work that God is doing in our lives with your stupidity and your superstitious idiocy. Let me catch any idiot again talking about odeshi Chineke akpor gi oku (God will punish you) idiots everywhere, fools everywhere.

We are going to go to battle with Chukwu Okike Abiama as our shield and our guard, our protector and our redeemer and we will win this very war, do you understand that? Do you know it? I don’t why black people lack discipline; I don’t understand why we do.

If you do odeshi you are a fool, and you are bringing death to your fellow people if you don’t know. Why don’t you people ever learn? I ask you a straightforward question, when the white man came to conquer you, when Florashaw a woman named you Nigga-area (Nigeria) did she come with a native doctor or odeshi?

When the expeditionary force arrived in 1897, they proceeded to Benin, as the British were making their way coming to Benin City The Oba of Benin saw the handwriting on the war and felt that the gods were angry with him, in response to the relentless advance of the British he started to sacrifice human beings, he began to slaughter people to appeals the gods, the more the British got closer to Benin the more black people died, people, who could have fought the British ooO he was busy sacrificing them, typical black primitive African reasoning.

Did all those sacrifices calling on the gods did it stop British from taking Beni you doing stupid odeshi? If you do odeshi it takes away that element of being careful from you you are no longer cautious, you are no longer afraid. Is like somebody drinking and driving, or you are under the influence of ganger.

You are driving you are no longer receptive to danger around you, you will see a Janjaweed shooting his rifle, and you will go in front of him and say oh I did odeshi ooO, you stand there, and you are shot dead, ndi isi ojii you don’t listen because you lack discipline.

Despite all the sacrifices made by the Oba of Benin it did not stop Britain from conquering the Benin Kingdom, they destroyed, they burnt down the Benin Kingdom they set it on fire, they burnt it to the ground.

I am British I don’t hate them, they did what they had to do in a time of war, but in all what am trying to point to is that all the charms and sacrifices, and odeshi that Beni did Britain that came with no odeshi but with better brain strategy defeated them. Says Mazi Nnamdi Kanu 29th October 2020

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