Setback for PDP as Edo State PDP Chairman Dump Party to Join APC

Setback for PDP as Edo State PDP Chairman Dump Party to Join APC

Setback for PDP as Edo State PDP Chairman Dump Party to Join APC

The Edo State PDP Chairman Dr. Tony Aziegbemi, chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party in Edo state, on Friday, have dumped PDP, declared total support for the All Progressive Congress (APC)

Matters Arising gathered that, He left the ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and join the All Progressive Congress (APC) to become opposition, on 10th September 2020.

Why I Defected From PDP To APC

In a statement signed by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chairman on Friday, the chairman explained that he defected after extensive consultations and after efforts to ensure a harmonious existence in the PDP proved futile.

I wish to inform Edo State and Nigerians at large that, after extensive consultations, I have decided to take my leave of the People Democratic Party (PDP)

It is truism, am the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) but not functioning as a chairman because I have been denied of my functions and sidelined.

The gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu have be my very good friend before now, and I believe I will enjoy working for him and value than where I have never be allowed to step on a podium to campaign for the People Democratic Party Godwin Obaseki

This is not a decision that I have made lightly. If anything at all, I have tarried for so long and did all that was humanly possible, even in the face of great provocation, ridicule and flagrant persecution, to give an opportunity for peace, reconciliation and harmonious existence.

They have done everything to ensure that the basic rules of party administration, which should promote harmonious relations among the various elements within the party were blatantly disregarded.

All governance principles which were required for a healthy functioning of the party and the government were deliberately violated or undermined.

And all entreaties for justice, equity and fairness as basic preconditions for peace and unity, not only within the party, were simply ignored, or employed as an additional pretext for further exclusion.

Every Nigerian must have an instinctive confidence that he or she will be treated with justice and equity in any part of the country regardless of the language they speak or how they worship God.

This is the great task that trumps all. Unless we are able to achieve this, all other claims to progress, no matter how defined, would remain unsustainable.

This is the task that I am committing myself to and I believe that it is in this APC, that I will have the opportunity to play my part.

It is my hope that the PDP will respect the choice that I have made as my democratic right, and understand that even though we will now occupy a different political space, we do not necessarily become enemies unto one another.

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