SouthEast Nigeria is the most dangerous region to live in Nigeria now (See Why)

SouthEast Nigeria is the most dangerous region to live in Nigeria now (See Why)
No matter what there is need to tell ourselves the truth, i have many Igbo friends but I can categorically tell you that, Igbos are killing themselves for the sake of fighting for freedom.

Back date to 1967/70 during the civil war, report had it that Ojukwu was going from house to house dragging inexperienced young men to fight for Biafra, and unfortunately they were slaughtered like chickens.

Currently, ESN/IPOB masquerading as unknown gunmen they are killing Igbos, they are killing those they accused of police informants and Saboteurs.

The so called agitation for Biafra is bringing more harm to Igbos  than good to Igboland.

To be frankly, southeast is becoming most dangerous place to live in Nigeria, if the Police didn’t kill you as IPOB/ESN member then IPOB will kill you as Police informant, or a Saboteur.

Though, I think southeast people have been mentally captured  I feel sorry for South Eastern people at this critical time

SouthEast Nigeria is the most dangerous region to live in Nigeria because almost everyone in SouthEast Nigeria right now, including the elites, are living in great fear, no one dare raises his/her voice to speak against the evil going on there for fear of being attack by ESN/IPOB or those masquerading as unknown gunmen.

Instructions are coming from left to right, no one knows who is in charge, I can categorically say even the police are afraid to move around for fear of being attacked by some faceless cowards parading themselves as Unknown Gunmen.

The people in Southeast Nigeria are now slaves in their own region. No region makes progress when the entire people have been mentally captured and are in cage.

They now take orders from criminals in the name of enforcing orders. In a region that boast of men and women of intelligence. Criminals move freely with guns, attack and kill policemen and burn Government facilities.

Igbos have dealt with madmen and lunatics in public spaces since time immemorial,  we may now consider those options against the rumoured one month sit-at-home by IPOB

There must be a counter force within Igboland,  homemade to counter the madness of Nnamdi Kanu and his private enterprise,  IPOB.

Igboland must never fall into the hands of vultures; sanity and a culture of decorum, the traditions Ndigbo have been known with for ages must be returned.

IPOB is a propagandist, irresponsible and terrible army of budding terrorists that must be stopped.

Igbo must never be used for social experiment to develop a model on how lunatic, economic refugees and asylum seekers overseas can take over a region for themselves using blackmail,  lies and harassment.

I believe the rumoured one month sit-at-home by the IPOB this October must be met with something akin to the “boys o ye” resistance of the 1970s and 80s.

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