Southern Nigeria Student Kicks Against Postponement of Academy Activities by Fed. Poly Ede

Southern Nigeria Student Kicks Against Postponement of Academy Activities by Fed. Poly Ede

The attention of the Association of Southern Nigerian Students; the highest body representing the southern Nigerian Students (which includes the South South, South East, and South West) has been drawn towards the unacceptable act of the management of the Federal Polytechnic Ede, Osun State on our indefatigable and reasonable members of the citadel of knowledge.

We strongly recall, that the management of the Federal Polytechnic Ede had earlier directed all students and staff to resume back to campus on the 14th of October, 2020; claimed to have set in place all Covid-19 Protocols.

The sudden notification on postponement of academic activities on the 3rd of November, 2020 due to the need of the polytechnic to put in place good Covid-19 protocols by the school management is unacceptable. Do we say the management had only deceived the students, staffs and all meaningful Nigerians!!!

Tagging the #EndSars activities which as being subdued in the State by the State Government as a reason to postpone academic activities is also unacceptable.

We must state categorically that we would not accept the management to placing our members in danger of traveling up and down, hence risking their lives, not even in this presence period.

Some of our members had struggled earnestly to get to school and it is a total dismay having them move back home.

We have also been informed that the management had been treating our members in acts that are “inhumane, heartless, wicked, and barbaric.” and we shall strongly look into this.

It is believed that the management is however playing on the intelligence, welfare, lives, and well-being of our members which is highly unacceptable.

ASONIS at its Apex and state level shall not sit back and watch our members maltreated hence we hereby implore and strongly appeal to the management of the Federal Polytechnic Ede to rescind her decision and find an alternative other than risking the lives of our members.

We also implore our members to be peaceful in all their doings and avoid resolving any situation into violence, as we engage the management and all reasonable stakeholder in this sad situation.

We commend the Student Union Government ably led by Comr. Ajibade Quazeem Adekunle (Kazywhite) in his firm act towards the ongoing.

In lieu of this, We hereby state strongly that the management on their decision shall be held responsible and accountable for any unforeseen incident on lives and properties of our members and we would not accept or take lightly any scratch on our members.
We once again appeal to the management to rescind her decision and resume academic activities immediately.

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