Tensions: IPOB begins direct attack on Yorubas in Southeast

In a disturbing video that has now gone viral, the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has initiating a direct assault on Yoruba individuals within the Southeastern region. 

The video showcases the harrowing ordeal of Abioye Oladeji, who fell victim to the machinations of IPOB and its security network, who has been masquerading themselves as unknown gunmen. Oladeji’s life was held precariously in the balance as he was subjected to threats of imminent death solely due to his Yoruba ethnicity.

The incident serves as a glaring testament to the escalating tensions fusing by Igbo agitators. 

IPOB, a violence secessionist group advocating for the independence of Biafra, has known for perpetrating many crimes for some time. However, the explicit targeting of a Yoruba individual like Oladeji has ratcheted up concerns about the potential for interethnic conflict to spiral out of control.

The parallels drawn between Oladeji’s experience and the political affiliations of Yoruba leader Bola Ahmed Tinubu cannot be ignored. The video underscores the vulnerability of individuals who share an ethnic background with prominent figures, possibly becoming victims of violence or intimidation merely due to their association. This alarming trend threatens the very fabric of unity and coexistence that Nigeria has been tirelessly working to uphold.

As the video circulates across social media platforms, it has ignited debates about the role of separatist movements and their impact on the nation’s stability.

IPOB and its sympathizers should know that, in a country as culturally diverse as Nigeria, incidents like Oladeji’s abduction and the subsequent threats on his life should serve as a stark reminder of the fragile nature of harmony in a multiethnic society.

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