The Real Story Of The Angel That Recently Fell From the Sky (Video)

A ‘breaking news’ message currently circulating via social media claims that a real-life angel has fallen from the sky in London. The message features an image depicting a rather elderly winged angel prone on the ground surrounded by netting.

The image has the interwebs all agog.

But, alas for angel lovers, the image does not depict an actual real-life, flesh and blood angel at all, but rather an art piece created by talented Beijing artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu. The artists specialize in creating very realistic sculptures made from various materials.

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Mc Wise
9 months ago

That being is not an angel of God at all

To prove : in heaven, nothing like age let alone classifying old and young Angel .

2. Heaven is not a mare space : heaven is for the high spirits who re regarded as saints.

3. The Bible has cleared it that at the End TIME, many things shall happen
Many will even rise and claim to be God or sent by God .
4. That being is from world of Darkness
5. Almighty God is not a God of confusion

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