The Stages of Human Development 1

The Earth is ever changing. The changes are as a result of our daily activities. We live everyday to improve our environment, lives and others. Do we all know how the world started? Though we are aware of the transition the world experience, we still lack some knowledge of how it all started. Human being is the most complex animal ever seen on earth, because of our reasoninh. Our ability to reason and take action is part of the factor that affect the world extensively. We have knowledge of how the world began according to faith, belief, assumption and science.

Scientists believe that the earth is approximately six billion years old and the first human-like creature appeared in Africa. Neglecting how the first man was formed, our focus would be on the earliest improvement that made the world what it is now. The earliest works of man were hunting, fishing and collecting wild plants. Human quest to survive transformed man from gatherers to a producer. Man started developing relationship with his environment which resulted to increase in knowledge; since knowledge increased, complexity came in. Here are some important ages we are considering:
Paleolithic(Old stone) age:
Imagine you find yourself in an environment, full of trees with none of your kind except your family. How do you imagine to survive? If you find yourself in a place you know nothing about, what will be your response? This was exactly the situation the first man found himself. The people then were hunters, fishers and gatherers but not producers of food. They made use of Stones and other perishable material like wood. Over the years, stones were the only hard object untill they devised a means of cutting down trees to make wood for specific purpose. The idea of religion was formed due to the response to their circumstances that there were more to the world than what they saw. Responsibility was shared according to gender. Men engaged in hunting, fishing , making tools and weapons and defending their families. Women dealt with gathering of available food and cared for the young ones.

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Neolithic(New stone) age:
Gradually as human families increased, there were more knowledge of what the world was according to their ancestors and implemented them to improve their daily lives. The reason for the shift to the new stone age is not known. There was rapid development in standard of living. Man shifted from consumers to producers due to advance in stone tools and crop care. The neolithic villagers seem to be self sufficient because agriculture, art and craft improved. One of the earliest villages is cata huyuk, around south of ankara, present turkey. From scientific research, there was fortification, agricultural practices, herding and hunting economy. The shift from food gatherers to food producers took a gradual process. Stable community brought about overpopulation since every family was able to care for themselves which resulted to high birthrate and low death rate.
There were issues due to over population which resulted to scarcity of resources. Increased in population led to scarcity of resources. The farmers population were more than that of the hunters. The relationship between human being and nature changed forever when animals and plants were domesticated. Farmers worked harder and stayed at one place while the herders moved from place to place for greener pastures and water. This age appeared in middle east about 8000 BCE, in china about 4000 BCE, and in india about 3600 BCE. Agriculture started with wheat and barley in middle east, millet and rice in china and corn in mesoamerica.

The survival of man over the years is as a result of being able to use available resources in his environment to solve his problem. The world did not just become what it is overnight, it took gradual process which was influenced by what the past did. We can learn from them by using whatever resources available to solve our issues.

There are more stages human race passed through to make the world what it is now.

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