The stages of Human development 2

The stages of Human development 2
The condition of the world now is the product of what was done in the past. The future depends on how we live the present. We may think that our impacts are negligible because we are not in position of authority; but all we do matters. Our belief, faith, backgrounds and experience make us what we are and affect our responses daily.

The world passed through different phases to become better. Though, we destroy the natural beauty of the mother earth and deplete the ozone layer due to advancement in technology, but the world is still beautiful. The remaining stages of Human development are explained below:
The Bronze Age:

Expansion of human changed villages to town due to inventions of new tools and machines.There was creation of towns creating hierarchy of larger and smaller settlement in the same region. Some towns improved more than others which attracted travellers to them resulting to creating monumental buildings.

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These buildings took years to be completed and required high labour force. In this era, religion practices were invented, temples were built and priests were selected. There was creation of empires and segregation of upper-classes, middle-classes and lower-classes. New technologies were made such as smelting, and manufacture of metal tools and weapons.

More new activities were improvised like art, music and writting. Due to the complexity of community, a better means of communication needed to be formed with led to representation of object with the aid of signs or symbols. Writting started with drawing a replica of object to ensure easy recognition. It now improved to the use of signs or symbol to pass information.

More occupations were created like goldsmith, merchant, soldiers etc compared to the past ages where they only had farmers and herders.
In this era, more wars were fought between town, villages and settlement for dominance. The town with more sophisticated weapons won the wars. Civilization started in this era, because more discovery were made and most of them don’t have to produce their own food to survive. Different systems of government was formed depending on the culture, faith, language and environment. Philosophy started based on facts and beliefs.

Industrial Age:

This is the greatest turning point of human race on earth. Here, there were inventions of machines which increased rate of production. Industrial revolution started in britain. Though, other places have improvement in their way of life like china; they invented gun powder, printing, papers and compasses.

The stages of Human development 2

The use of machines started in britain due to high demand for textile. Cotton was introduced to britain in 1600 by foreign traders. The first machine produced was used for textiles production. What foster the early industrialization of britain were political stability, steady economy, entrepreneurs, infrastructure and natural resources. Industrial revolution is about using other forms of energy to increase production. Steam engine was invented to pump water out of the coal mine since coal was one of the most abundant raw materials in britain.

Steam engines used steam(heat) to produce work. It was used for textiles production, coal mining and smelting. Invention of machines resulted to increase in production at low cost with few labourers. Britain was able to expand her trade due to high production using machines at low cost. More machines were invented and improved over the years to attain maximum efficiency.

There was increased in population in britain because of better standard of living which made them depend on raw materials from other countries and process them on their land. For example, indian send their cotton to britain for processing because of the availability of machines.

The stages of Human development 2

Industrialization spread from britain to america then to europe. Early industrial revolution in britain gave them an edge to spread their empires to various ends of the world. Most industrial improvements in europe found basic knowledge from britain. Other countries like belgium, sweden, germany e.t.c built their industries based on british economy. Japan was able to improve her economy because leaders sent their youth to learn europe economy (especially how they make their machines and use them) and empower them to make such in their country.

In industrial age, few people engaged in agriculture compared to the past ages because inventions of machines created more employments in other fields. Most of these machines were huge, occupied lots of space and difficult to manufacture. Capitalism started when science expansion was at it peak because more adults worked while children and some adults were free. More systems of government were formed like socialism by karl marx (that oppose capitalism, because the owner of factories were getting richer while the labourers were getting poorer and unkept), communism, mix economy and democracy.

Technology and Information Age (Present Era):

Improvement of machines led to technology. Here, large machines were made smaller with higher efficiency. The creation of internet was the beginning of this age. Before internet was created, computer was improved from vacuum tube to laptop and mobile phones. Computer passed through different stages before it became what it is now. Computer network was created to enable computers to send and receive information at any range.

The stages of Human development 2

Internet allows computer to have assess to information from a common server. Information gotten from the internet are used to invent new machines or improve the existing ones. Most manual machines now are operated automatically. Most metal processes are being run by machines automatically instead of humans.

Apart from improving machines, we are able to communicate with ourselves without leaving where we are. We can send text message, pictures and email messages over a long distance.

Social media one of the greatest inventions passes information more faster and efficient than any other means. Information is always at our reach compared to past ages. Life is made more comfortable compared to the past ages. There are too many job opportunities that human labour is running out of existence. In years to come, robots will be made to work for man with maximum efficiency. To summarize all, the present moment used to be the unimaginable future by stewart Brand.

No one can resist change. Change is constant. Everything we do induce change. Though some events occured that resisted change, but it still happened though some were delayed.

As we live our lives daily, we should learn to adopt and adapt to changes around us. We should think on how to benefit from changes happening around us and be proactive. More inventions and discoveries are yet to be unravelled, some knowledge are yet to be discovered and change is endless.

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