Things I Did Wrongly While Preparing For UTME – James Williams

Here’s one of the things I did wrongly while I was preparing for my UTME — I think all students should take note, especially aspirants.

While studying the UTME past questions, most times, I did mistake getting an answer correctly — even when it was by sheer luck — for an in-depth understanding of the concept.

And for the ones that I had failed, I’d just check the correct answer, look up the brief explanation the app gave for marking me down, memorize the selected answer, and move on.

In hindsight, I now recognize how horrible an idea that was.

So, I will advise you do yourself the favor of honestly probing yourself to know if you have had a thorough knowledge of a particular topic that you have answered —rightly or wrongly.

If you don’t, please pick and read up that topic in your textbook using your JAMB syllabus as a guide. Do this until you understand the concept and can apply them to any scenario.

Now, if textbook explanations don’t suffice, try out relevant YouTube tutorials, get a brilliant friend or teacher to further explain the concept to your understanding.

Here’s why that’s important:

By understanding the concepts thoroughly, answering past questions that involve the just understood concept will become a lot easier for you.

Think of it this way,

If you were puzzled when you saw the question “1+1=?” in a 1998 UTME question and you refer to your textbook to thoroughly understand the concept of addition of numbers; you’ve automatically prepared yourself to accurately answer the “15+27=?” question you will see when you flip the booklet’s page to solve the next year’s question.


Because you’ve thoroughly understood the “addition concept” now.

Makes sense, right?

Now, the same principle should be applied to all the subjects you’re taking — strive to understand the underlying principles and concepts of each topic — just memorizing the answers to past questions isn’t just enough.

I learned this the hard way — you shouldn’t learn it that way too.

By Jameswilliams Kamnanya G.

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