Two Ladies Who Sent Assassins To kill Their Parents Sentenced To Death in Enugu ~ Matters Arising


The judgment finally is a effectively deserved judgment that was given to this two heartless ladies who sent assassins to kill their wealthy parents all in the name of money.

The crime that was commited by this two ladies was a really critical crime that got so many people speaking.

Two younger ladies in Enugu which names was withheld allegedly sent assassins to kidnap and homicide their biological dad and mom with the intentions of forcefully inheriting their property, what a wicked world! !

In keeping with series of reviews that was gathered the Enugu State Police Commander stated, the girls have been arrested by the Enugu state police command after they had been reported by their members of the family for killing their dad and mom

He stated in the cause of investigation, the police found that the kidnap and assassination of a well-liked wealthy man was all planed by his children due to selfishness

The 2 ladies after series of investigations and interrogations confessed of sending the assassins to kill their dad and mom out of selfishness as a result of they wished to embezzle the dad and mom’ wealth quick.

In keeping with reviews the dad and mom of those younger ladies where very wealthy and well-known with a lot wealth tie to their identify, there isn’t a purpose in any way for this lady’ s to kill their dad and mom as a result of lastly all of the wealth would have been allotted to them.

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Throughout interrogations One of the two ladies mentioned that her important reasons for killing her father was as a result of her dad never cared for them however has the cash to spend on girls outside she mentioned that their father was a really wealthy man however has by no means purchased them garments.

She claimed the daddy was a really depraved and stingy man that’ s why they deliberate to kill him in order that they inherit his wealth.

They high Court sitting in Enugu on the 27th of January 2020 after listening to all the charges read in opposition to this tow younger ladies admitted them of committing murder which is in opposition to the constitution, the presiding judge sentenced the 2 ladies to death by hanging.

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In Nigeria right here isn’t at all times about sentencing somebody to loss of life however the time the state governor shall be obtainable to sign the death warrant.

The judgment based on people was a nicely deserved judgment.



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