Two Lovers Burn Themselves to Death In Abia State

Report reaching us has it that two lovers identify as Oluchi and Onyeka have burn themselves to death in Abia State.

Onyeka, a bakery worker was dating Oluchi, a boutique owner. A relationship that lasted for about 8 years.

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It is allege that Oluchi took the responsibility of everything, i.e feeding, clothing and sundry among other things. She was doing all this thinking that Onyeka would “compensate” her with marriage.

However, he didn’t pay her in the currency of marriage, but that of disappointment.

Here is the sad story. In the bakery where Onyeka was working, there was another lady that Onyeka fell for. He then got the lady pregnant and further went to Oluchi to borrow 200 thousand.

This 200 thousand was what Onyeka used in paying the bride price of the lady he put in a family way. Onyeka went ahead a wed this said girl.

After the wedding, Oluchi became aware but played along. She then gave Onyeka a gentle girl invitation.

This time, she had bought a bucket of fuel and kept.  When Onyeka arrived her house, she then lock the door and poured the bucket of fuel on him and set him aflame.

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Onyeka flew and grap Oluchi, as they both had a bath of fire.They were both rush to the hospital but, the duo later died after they were admitted in different private hospitals as a result of the severe burns they suffered.

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