Unknown Gunmen kidnap IMT Enugu Student in Emene

Unknown Gunmen kidnap IMT Enugu Student in Emene
On Thursday, the 20th of April 2023, a student of the Institute of Management Technology, IMT Enugu, identified as Stanley Ogwo was abducted while on his way to school from his residence in Emene.

Matter Arising learnt that, the victim was traveling in a commercial bus when the kidnappers struck.

It was gathered that the family has been contacted by the unknown gunmen. Mr. Godwin Ogwo, the victim’s father, who is a staff of Radio Nigeria Enugu, narrated that the unknown men contacted him through his son’s phone and asked if they were ready to comply. Confused and distraught, he switched off the phone.

It’s saddening that the kidnapping has become a lucrative business for many criminal gangs in the country, and it has become a significant security challenge that the government is yet to tackle effectively. The menace has affected all sectors of the Nigerian society, with schoolchildren and students becoming frequent targets.

The abduction of students is a heinous crime that leaves parents and families devastated. It also has long-term effects on the education sector, as parents and students are forced to live in fear, and many students are forced to drop out of school.

The insecurity in Nigeria is further compounded by the fact that many kidnappers are never apprehended or brought to justice. The kidnappers operate with impunity, knowing that they can get away with their crimes. The government needs to take a more proactive approach in combating kidnapping and other forms of insecurity in the country. This includes equipping security agencies with the necessary tools and resources to tackle the menace.

Furthermore, the government must work to address the underlying causes of insecurity in the country. These include poverty, unemployment, and poor governance. Addressing these issues will go a long way in reducing the incidence of kidnapping and other criminal activities in Nigeria.

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