Unknown soldiers invade unknown gunmen hideout in Ohafia Abia state, scores kills

Unknown soldiers invade unknown gunmen hideout in Ohafia Abia state, scores kills
Atmosphere is not friendly yesterday in Ohafia Community, as gunmen suspected to be men Nigeria military personnel invaded the alleged hideout of unknown gunmen

A sources told Matters Arising that unknown soldiers stormed Amangwu community of Ohafia in Abia state in commando style.

The invasion was said to have take everyone unaware as the gunshots rent the air at the late hours of Monday.

Similarly, a Facebook user with username @TheBigMasquerade, wrote Yesterday was a very dark and cold day in Ufuma.

Anambra state has been so awash with blood that the deaths of these young men yesterday didn’t even make news. You cannot defile the land and expect her to be happy with you. It’s never done. Speak with any girl who was a rape victim and let her tell you how she feels about the monster responsible

Police stations and checkpoints were removed with applause from the confused citizenry because ESN was going to protect our land. Any shouts of Fulani herdsmen over this? But isn’t this the same type of mass killing we were seeing from time to time which were blamed on Fulani herdsmen?

Call them cultists or Unknown Gunmen, the assailants are the same people they assembled from different places and called them ESN. Most of them who went to those “parades” in Agulu and other parts of Anambra are just jobless criminals brought together by political henchmen

I was called names from Saboteur to “woman traffic, woman trafficker, human traffic from Libya” (you get the idea,those were just bonobos trying to call their father names) all for telling them the truth and what the politicians and their errand boy Nwannekaenyi Nnamdi Kenny Okwu Kanu aka Nnamdi Kanu had planned for the Southeast.

They ruined the society and are exploiting the situation they created to keep on feeding fat on public funds. Why else are they going into politics? To fight for Ndigbo? The funds for your hospitals, markets, schools, roads and other public projects have been flowing in from 1999 till date yet no one knows where the funds are

Well, I told them that I’ll be watching from a safe distance when the goods they’re ordering start arriving and I’m doing just that.

Let them keep on focusing on the Nnamdi Kanu idol the political class moulded for them because he’s cloaked in Biafra. Never let emotions rule you because a criminal can arise at anytime and promise you what excites your emotions and with it exploit you, your trust and even the trust of your friends and family

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About Rolanda Rochelle, Biography, Career, Net Worth

About Rolanda Rochelle, Biography, Career, Net Worth